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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is RateSupermarket.ca?

    RateSupermarket.ca is Canada’s largest personal finance rate comparison website. We’ve helped over 2.8 million Canadians compare the market to find a better rate and gain bargaining power.

    RateSupermarket.ca has also been featured as a leading tool for Canadians when it comes to personal finance on a variety of press outlets including: CBC News, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Global News, and CTV News.

  • Who will call me back?

    If you’re interested in learning more about the product above, fill out the call back form above and we’ll connect you with a Life Insurance Expert who is best suited to help you with this rate.

    Generally you will be connected with a Life Insurance Broker who has access to this rate.

  • Why should I purchase from a Life Insurance Broker?

    Since Life Insurance brokers aren’t tied to an individual company, they can shop around on your behalf, based on your specific needs, and find you the best rate on the market.

  • How long will it take someone to call me back?

    Between Monday to Friday it should take 24 hours for someone to be in touch. If you submit a request over the weekend, you should hear back on Monday.

  • Help! I have a question about this product...

    If you have a question about this specific rate - get connected with an expert. Fill out the form above to be connected with a Life Insurance Expert who can answer any questions unique to your situation.

  • How up to date are these rates?

    All of the rates listed on RateSupermarket.ca are updated daily so that you can find the best rates in your area.

  • I’ve never heard of this company before - are they legitimate?

    On RateSupermarket.ca you can compare the top banks in Canada, along with the top brokers, credit unions, and trusts to find the best product for your needs.

    Sometimes the best product that suits what you’re looking for, isn’t with who you’re currently banking with. All rates listed on our site are provided by legitimate Canadian Financial Institutions - even if they’re someone you haven’t heard of.

  • Is my information safe?

    RateSupermarket.ca is secured through VeriSign and uses Encrypted Data Transmission. See more details regarding our security.

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