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Browse the best Life Insurance quotes in Canada and find the right coverage for your needs ...with coverage starting as low as $7/month.

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Unsure about how much life insurance you need? Find out the right coverage amount for your unique situation.

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How do I Find the Right Life Insurance Coverage for Me?

Considering Life Insurance but not sure where to start? Wonder why you even need life insurance in the first place?

  • My Family is Growing

    As a new parent - how do I make sure my family is protected?

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  • Path to Retirement

    I’m getting ready to retire - what do I need to boost my existing coverage?

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  • I’m a New Home Owner

    I just bought a new home of my own - how should I protect my mortgage?

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  • I’m Young and Single

    I’m just me - and that’s ok. Why do I need life insurance?

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  • My Situation Has Changed

    I used to be covered by my job or my spouse - but things have changed. How do I make up the coverage?

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  • I’m in a New Relationship

    Before it was me, and now it’s all about ‘us’… and we want to keep each other protected.

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