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CIBC Mortgages Overview

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or just need mortgage advice, CIBC can offer their services. They give you the option of choosing from either a secure fixed rate mortgage or variable rate mortgage based on CIBC's Prime rate.

Additional CIBC offers and bundles include:

  • CIBC Home Power Plan®. This plan allows you to combine a mortgage with a home equity line of credit to enjoy ongoing access to funds at a low interest rate. You can access up to 85% of the value of your home and consolidate your debt into one monthly payment.

  • CIBC Wealth Builder Mortgage®. This gives you the opportunity to invest in your savings while still paying off your mortgage by receiving money up front and throughout the term of your mortgage.

  • Cash Back Offer. You can get a cash back mortgage offer on CIBC Fixed Rate Closed Mortgages of 3-years or more, and on the CIBC Variable Flex Mortgage.


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