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L'earn® VISA* card

L'earn® VISA* card

Get Moneyback rewards, with no annual fee! Designed for students.

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Card Details

  • Accelerated Moneyback reward program designed with students in mind

  • Earn up to 1% Moneyback every year on the purchases you've made with your card

  • 20% discount rates at Avis Car Rental


Features and Benefits

  • Purchase protection and extended warranty
  • Avis Rental Car Discount

RateSupermarket.ca's Review

The L'earn® VISA card from Scotiabank is an excellent credit card option for students looking to build their credit while earning rewards. The card is designed so that the more students spend, they more they earn - which can be a bit of a dangerous game for those new to the credit card game. It's important to remember that a very small percentage of cash back savings is not worth a pile of credit card debt, especially early on in life.


This being said, the L'earn® VISA card can help introduce students to smart spending, by offering a Moneyback reward program with no annual fee. A credit card is also a great way for students to build credit while their earnings are still low.


On the first $500, you earn 0.25% cash back; on the next $500, 0.50% cash back; and on any amount over $1,000, you earn 1.00% cash back. So, as an example, if you were to put all your spending on your card (and pay it off in full each month), and spent just over $200 a week on average over the course of a year (think of groceries, books, transportation, etc), you'd receive a Moneyback reward of just over $100 that year. You can even use the card to pay bills; think of it almost as a way to get a discount on bills you would have to pay anyway.

Top Features About L'earn® VISA card

  • A great way for students to build credit and learn how to use credit wisely while they're young
  • Earn rewards on everything you buy - up to 1% Moneyback
  • No annual fee

Pros and Cons of the L'earn® VISA card

Pros Cons
  • No annual fee
  • Moneyback on all your purchases
  • Minimum credit limit of only $500, so students can choose to limit their spending as necessary
  • A great way to build credit
  • More rewards for more purchases can be a dangerous incentive for students unfamiliar with the perils of credit card debt
  • 1% Moneyback is still a relatively low reward offering

WINNER: The Best Student Credit Card Canada

Did you know - the college years are a prime time for building your credit score? It's important that students partake in responsible credit card use - but it's equally important that their plastic takes into account specific student needs. That's why the Scotiabank L'earn® VISA* card is a great option - not only does it earn one point on every dollar spent, students will benefit from its fee-free structure, and lower credit score qualification threshold. Read on to see why it tied with the MBNA Rewards MasterCard® credit card for best student credit card in Canada.

Why It's Our Winner

*Rewards earned on the average monthly Canadian student expenditure of $569 over a 24-month period

Cash Value (includes points, fees and signup bonuses): $136.58

Check out how the Scotiabank L'earn® VISA* card stacks up in rewards earnings against Canada's best student credit cards:

This Card Is Great For You If:

  • You're still building your credit score
  • You don't want to pay an annual fee
  • You want some rewards earning power


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