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National Bank Syncro Mastercard®

National Bank Syncro Mastercard®

Get up to $120 cashback in the first year, on top of your eligible credit card's benefits.

Annual Fee Interest Rate Balance Transfer Cash Advance Credit Score Excellent: -- I've had a credit card, or loan for 10+ years. I've had good credit for the last 7 years (no bankruptcies or no defaults on credit as a result of failing to pay debts back to creditors). I haven't opened a new credit card account, loan, or line of credit in the last nine months. I've made the minimum payments on my existing credit cards for the past six months Rewards Are all rewards created equal? From points, to miles, to cash back – how do you know how much you’re really getting? To help you find the best rewards card, we’ve created the Your Reward Return, an estimate on the dollar value of your rewards based on your monthly spend so that you can compare like for like. Now that’s wise thinking!
$35.00 8.90% *Prime Rate + 4% 12.90% *Prime Rate + 4% 12.90% *Prime Rate + 4% Excellent -
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Card Details

  • Extended warranty*

  • Purchase protection in case of theft or damage*

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Features and Benefits

  • Purchase protection and extended warranty

RateSupermarket.ca's Review

The National Bank Syncro Mastercard® takes a novel approach to lending, offering a variable interest rate that is tied to market performance (prime rate + 4%). This allows for a very competitive rate on interest, balance transfers and cash advances.

If you already accrued some credit card debt and are frustrated by high interest payments, you should consider transferring the balance to a low-interest card like this one. If you have a low interest rate, you should be able to pay down the balance a lot faster. There is a small annual fee of $35, but this will likely be justified by the money you save due to paying less interest.

The National Bank Syncro Mastercard® does not offer a rewards program, so if you are motivated by collecting points or earning cash-back, you should look elsewhere. However, it is an excellent card for anyone who is constantly carrying a balance and having a hard time paying off their debt. Being a Mastercard® member allows you to access funds all over the world, and you will also benefit from purchase protection and extended warranty coverage.



  • Cardholders benefit from a variable interest rate that is significantly lower than that of most fixed-rate credit cards. This will help you to pay down balances faster.
  • The variable, low interest rate applies to purchases as well as cash advances.
  • By using the MasterCard® network, you can access funds from anywhere in the world.
  • Thanks to the MasterCard® Zero Liability program, you are protected from unauthorized purchases should your card be lost or stolen.
  • All cardholders enjoy extended warranty on purchases, which doubles the original warranty up to one year.



  • This low-interest card charges an annual fee of $35.
  • There will be rate fluctuations. While the interest rate is typically much lower than that of most fixed-rate cards, it is not without risk. The interest rate changes with the market, and will go up and down accordingly. It is always likely to be a competitive rate, but be aware of changes to avoid any unexpected increases to your monthly payments.

Rate, product information and rewards estimate are subject to change at any time and does not constitute financial advice. Please contact supplier for complete details

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