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Side by Side Credit Card Comparison

Use our side by side comparison to find the best credit card for you - or use it to compare against your current card.

The name of the credit card product. Card Name Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card Meridian Visa* US Dollar Card National Bank Allure™ Mastercard®
The provider of the credit card product. Lender Tangerine Meridian Credit Union National Bank
The percentage rate fee charged in exchange for borrowing privileges. Interest Rate 19.95% 19.50% 19.99%
Interest rate on a balance transferred to a new card. Balance Transfer Rate 1.95% *19.95% after 6 months 19.50% 22.99%
The amount charged every time cash is pulled from the line of credit, for example, withdrawing cash from a credit card at an ATM. Cash Advance Rate 19.95% 21.99% 22.99%
A yearly fee charged by the Lender in exchange for borrowing privileges. This kind of fee is mostly associated with premium credit card products, rewards cards or secured cards. Annual Fee $0.00 $0.00 *$65.00 USD after 12 months $0.00
The lowest score required in order to qualify for a credit product. This score is determined based on an analysis of a person's credit files. Minimum Credit Score Excellent Excellent Good
Are all rewards created equal? -- From points, to miles, to cash back - how do you know how much you're really getting? To help you find the best rewards card, we've created the Your Reward Return, a rate that lets you know the rate of return from your spending into rewards so that you can compare like for like. Now that's wise thinking! Reward Return Rate 2.00% *2% rewards in 2 Money-Back Categories 1.00% *No maximum 0.50% *maximum
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