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The ultimate student spending guide

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The dog days of summer are drawing to an end – it’s only a matter of time before the kids head back to the classroom and school is officially back in session. For post secondary school students however, academic pursuits are already in full swing, as many make the move to campus, buy their books and register for classes.

It’s no secret that there’s nothing cheap about attending college or university – but many students may be surprised by additional start-up expenses. Whether you’re a first time frosher or returning for your post grad, check out our student lifestyle budgeting tips.

7 Tips For University Student Rentals

Moving away to school? If living in residence is passé (one can only stand a shared floor bathroom for so long), then you’re likely looking for an off-campus student rental… and that means roommates!

Whether you’re shacking up with random strangers or five of your closest friends, take financial care. Read on for the basics on landlords, damage deposits, and your rights as a tenant.

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Your Super Frugal Student Food Budget

Eat, sleep, school, repeat – sounds simple, but for many student renters, the concept is cheaper said than done. It can be a real challenge to manage a scant food budget year-round – especially if you’re still learning the basics.

Check out our super simple, student approved meal plan – it’ll have you saying bon appétit without spending big bucks.

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Free Stuff For Students: How To Live On Basically Nothing

They say nothing these days comes for free – but masters of frugality would have to argue! One of the biggest student perks are the discounts that come with school status. Combined with a few wile ways of scoring wants and needs pro bono, and you’ll be saving your wallet a whole lot of grief.

Why pay full price – or at all -when you don’t have to? Check out our guide to getting the best freebies.

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Infographic: Busting The Top Travel Insurance Myths

Jet setting away for a long awaited vacation? Don’t leave for the airport without the right travel insurance. Did you know that becoming ill or injured while travelling can cost tens of thousands of dollars? Beat travel insurance myths, and learn how to save on your premiums, with’s latest Cost Of infographic.

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BlackBerry Sale: What Customers Need To Know

What does a possible BlackBerry sale mean for current customers? Read on to see what may be in store for the former smartphone leader.

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RBC Hikes Discounted and Fixed Mortgage Rates

RBC is the latest lender to hike their fixed mortgage rates by 20 to 30 basis points for both posted and discount offerings. Why are mortgage rates on the rise? Read on for a breakdown of factors affecting the market.

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What You’ll Really Learn About Finance At School

Living as a student can force you to learn a lot about frugal personal finance – fast. But money smarts shouldn’t be forgotten after graduation day! Read on for the top savvy student finance takeaways to stick to, even after the paycheques start rolling in.

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The Employee Bonus Debate: Why Underperformers Are Getting Paid

The great employee bonus debate: A survey finds that the private sector is more likely to pay out employee bonuses to those who underperform or fail to meet targets. Is this fair to workers who pull their own weight?

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Watch Out For Hidden University Costs

Heading off to school? Hidden university costs can go far beyond sky high tuition. Read on for ways to budget for the unexpected.

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Breaking Bad Money Habits: 4 Money Lessons Learned From Walter White

If you’re one of the millions of Breaking Bad fans, you can attest to how Walter White’s financial missteps set the stage for some serious drama. Here are the top money lessons to be learned from this popular show. Hint: Don’t lead a life of crime!

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How To Save Money On Your Work Plan Benefits

A recent study forecasts that health plan costs for employers are about to sky rocket, as the workforce continues to age. Here’s a breakdown of how that will affect employees – and how you can maximize your health care spending account.

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You Answered!

This week, we asked our readers:

Other than tuition, what is the biggest cost facing post secondary students?

43.4% say shelling out for housing, such as residence or off-campus rentals, burns the biggest hole in their student budget.

36.8% say supplies such as textbooks and lab fees pinch the pennies, while

17.1% find creating a food budget that actually stays under budget is tough to achieve.

Only 2.6% say the costs associated with sports and other campus extracurriculars are hard to swing financially.

Want in on the winning action? Answer next week’s Q:

What are the priciest back to school preparations for parents?

That’s a wrap for this week! Thanks for reading, and be sure to pop by and visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

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