Your Fearless Halloween Finances

DIY tips for a less expensive HalloweenRetail stores get particularly scary this time of year, demanding your hard earned cash in exchange for flimsy costumes, plastic pumpkins and pint-sized candy. If the cost of Halloween has you frightened for your bank account, why not take the DIY approach?

We’ve put together some easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate this frightful holiday. Read on for our tips!

The Hottest DIY Halloween Costumes

Paying premium prices for a bagged costume is downright ghoulish! Let your do-it-yourself skills shine through with a homemade costume. A few cuts here, a few stitches there – not to mention a little fake blood – are all it takes for a great Halloween getup.

We’ve rounded up this year’s hottest costume ideas – check out how to create them on the cheap.

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Spooky Halloween Decor for Less

Do you take pride in assembling the ultimate fright fest? Your home may be known as “that house” to trick or treaters, but there’s no need to blow your budget on seasonal decor.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, think reusable, creative and crafty – check out our inexpensive tips!

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Cheap Halloween Party Ideas

You may be a little young for trick or treating, but you haven’t outgrown a great halloween bash. If you’re thinking of hosting a haunting Halloween party, read on for sinfully cheap recipe and decor ideas that will terrify (and delight) your guests.

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And in this week’s headlines…

 Spend Less This Halloween Shopping Season

The holidays are just around the corner – and t’is the season of overspending! Did you know Canadians spend an average of $1,100 on their holiday expenses? That’s why is giving away FREE $100 gift cards – and the chance to WIN free food and travel this holiday!

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Why Canadians are Confused About TFSAs

A survey by ING Direct finds more than half of Canadians are confused about their tax free savings account options. The survey also found that the main reason investors are avoiding these accounts is due to lack of surplus monthly income from living paycheque to paycheque.

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Canadian Banks in for Possible Ratings Cuts

Six Canadian banks have received warning for possible Moody’s ratings cuts. What is the purpose of this rating system, and how will a cut affect investors and the Canadian economy?

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What is Title Insurance?

If you’re a prospective home buyer, chances are you’re considering getting title insurance, or are curious about its necessity. Is this form of insurance a must-have – and what does it accomplish?

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The Credit Card Perks You Don’t Know About

Did you know that you could get a variety of discounts and credit card perks with your existing card? You just need to know enough to ask! Check out these perks, discounts and special packages for credit card holders – no strings attached – and be in the know.

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You Answered!

This week's pollThis week, we asked Canadians:

What’s your most frightening Halloween expense?

64.5% of respondents say their biggest Halloween expense is candy – their wallets are getting cavities from picking up treats at premium prices. Not so sweet!

24.2% say going all out on costumes for themselves and the kids put a dent in their wallet.

11.3% say they go all out on a spooktacular haunted house – trick or treaters beware!

Love coffee? Who doesn’t! This week, that double double could be on us with a free $25 Tim Horton’s gift card. Check out this week’s poll question for your chance to WIN!

Would you consider taking out a HELOC on your home?

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