Your Credit Score: The Secret to Lasting Love?

Your Credit Score Lasting Love

Humans have long been turning to numbers to decipher the mysteries of love, analysing birth dates, heights, and the results of MASH games in hopes of figuring out their romantic futures.

But, as it turns out, there is one number that can help predict whether or not your relationship will be successful. Though not as cute as MASH or as mystical as numerology, credit scores can forecast the longevity of romantic partnerships, according to a recent paper by the Federal Reserve Board.

The three economists behind the working paper used proprietary data about 12 million random U.S. consumers from Equifax, spanning approximately 15 years. They studied couples who are both married and who live together (for at least a year), and focused on credit score and quality at the start of committed relationships, which they qualified as when two individuals began living together.

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By the end, there were some interesting correlations to observe between credit scores and relationships:

  • Couples with higher credit scores at the beginning of their relationship were less likely to split in the following years
  • People tend to pair up with those who have a similar credit score
  • Credit scores of partners tend to align, or close to it, over the years. That is, unless there was a wide gap between the individual credit scores at the beginning of the relationship

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Does a low credit score spell untrustworthiness? Maybe. Is blissful domesticity the result of two high credit scores? Who knows.


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