Your 2013 Economic Forecast

The economic forecast for the coming yearJanuary 11, 2013

The new year is in full swing, and so are the trends affecting Canada’s economy. Should Canadians hunker down for recession risks, or are we poised for a strong year of growth?

With so many conflicting forecasts, in can be a challenge to know which way is up. We’ve sifted through the latest headlines to get the real message. Read on for our 2013 economic forecast!

The Fiscal Cliff Update: The Canadian Impact

The U.S. fiscal cliff deadline has come and gone – yet the forewarned financial ruin has yet to become reality.

Read on for the latest developments in the cliff taxation and spending cuts policies, and how they could ultimately affect Canada’s own economy.

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What is the January Effect?

Each new year, the stock markets experience this phenomenon, as previously dropping stocks see a price uptick. Generally caused by the shedding of company shares for tax purposes prior to the holidays, this price trend can pose a great opportunity to the everyday investor.

Should you take advantage of the January effect? Learn more about the associated risks and payoffs.

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Canada’s Economic Outlook

The predictions are here, and they aren’t so rosy – economists are calling for slower-than-usual GDP growth, a stagnant housing market, and the impact as the global financial crisis finally hits home.

But is it all doom and gloom? Check out our coverage of Canada’s 2013 economic outlook.

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And in this week’s finance headlines…

Your Guide to Personal Finance Books

Personal finance books are a great way to boost your money management skill set. We’ve reviewed some of the most popular titles on the market for kids, investing, saving and more.

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Canada’s Fastest Growing Economies

CIBC has released a report on Canada’s fastest growing economies – and Toronto, Calgary and Regina lead the pack with the highest GDPs. Read on to see how these urban centres’ housing markets, employment levels and industry growth point the way to economic opportunity.

Read Rubina’s Blog | Canada’s Fastest Growing Economies Best of Finance Product Picks

When it comes to picking the best credit card, mortgage or investing vehicle for your needs, do you know which lenders offer the very best? unveils the very best personal finance products offered to consumers in 2012 – a must have for your money management plan.

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We asked: Who are your personal finance favourites? And you absolutely answered! Read on to see who came out on top for personal finance blogs, books, news and more!

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Canadians Choosing Debt Over Retirement

A recent CIBC poll finds Canadians put retirement savings on the back burner when it comes to financial priorities, focusing instead on debt repayment.

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