Will It Be A Spring Sellers’ Market?

Are you ready for the spring sellers market?

Why are Canadians so obsessed with home ownership? Well, according to a recent study, owning our abodes makes us downright happy – 90% of owners say they feel greater wellbeing compared to those who rent.

But don’t let the warm and fuzzies distract you – the real estate experts have spoken, and they say it’s sellers who have much to smile about this season. But don’t fear – this week’s home buying focus will prep you for tackling the spring market.

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Jim Flaherty: In Memoriam Of The Former Finance Minister

Last Thursday, April 10, the former Finance Minister passed away from a heart attack, mere weeks after resigning from his position in office. His passing marks the end of an era as he has been one of the most influential people behind Canada’s economic development. Read on to learn more about his legacy.

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Buying Conditions in YOUR Region: Royal LePage Market Report

Planning on buying a home this year? Don’t hit the open houses without checking in on market trends in your province! We’ve broken down the top highlights from Royal LePage’s seasonal Spring Market Report. Read on to see if you’re entering a buyers’ or sellers’ market.

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Facebank: A Social Spin on Online Banking

Millions of users log onto Facebook daily, and trust the social networking site with their images, friendships and event planning. For many, the site has become an integral (if not entirely productive) part of daily life – but does that trust extend to our finances?

Facebook has applied to the Bank of Ireland to become a European e-bank. If approved, the social media site could become the new way to stash your cash.

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Bank of Canada Announcement: No Change To Central Interest Rate

Bank of Canada Announcement: Still no change to Canada’s cost of borrowing as the BoC leaves the central interest rate untouched for the 29th announcement in a row.

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Home Ownership Or Bust: Sky High Prices Won’t Stop Buyers

Prices just keep climbing in Canada’s biggest markets – but that’s not discouraging real estate-hungry buyers who want homeownership at any cost, according to two recent studies.

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How Will OSFI B21 Affect You?

Attention home buyers: A new round of restrictions has been proposed for the insurers of high-ratio mortgages. Called OSFI B21, they could impact your ability to buy. Here’s what you need to know.

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Weekly Link Lineup

A credit card conspiracy?: The BC Supreme Court has certified a merchant class action suit that states Canada’s big banks and credit card companies have conspired to force unlawful fees and charges on merchants. Will consumers pay more for using premium cards as a result? Via CBC

Repair or replace? A handy formula for determining whether you should repair your favourite busted shoes and clothes, or shell out for brand new ones. Via Squawkfox

Can bankruptcy erase student debt? The latest My University Money podcast explores whether student debt can be debunked by declaring bankruptcy, and the impact on your credit score. Via My University Money

If interest rates were shoes: Cheeky article comparing fixed and variable interest rates to their flats and stilleto counterparts. I think it’s safe to say no one wants a sky-high platform rate… Via Golden Girl Finance

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