Will Back To School Season Break Your Bank?

Back To School SavingsFriday, August 24, 2012

What’s the price of a good education? Try $84,000 – the average cost of sending a kid away to school for a 4-year undergrad. Of course, that’s not including the costs of grade and high school – and all the supplies, clothes, sports and lunches you’ll shell out for yearly.

Hitting the books shouldn’t leave you broke. That’s why we gave it the old-college try this week with savings tips to help ease the cost of back-to-school. There’s nothing smarter than saving money!

Cheap Back to School Supplies

September is around the corner, and with it comes back-to-school shopping season – a yearly cost to families that rivals only the holidays.

Whether you’re sending your tot to kindergarten in style, or coercing your teen into eating their homemade (and economically friendly) lunch, we’ve got a few ways to cut the cost of heading back to class.

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Kids’ Sports: The True Cost to Canadian Families

You can’t put a price on healthy, active kids – but you’ll pay through the nose for their sports extracurriculars. A survey by the Investors Group found that parents are investing an average of $1,658 a year on competitive sports – with some going as far as taking a paycut in order to catch their kids’ games.

We’ve rounded up tips for keeping track of sports expenses, and budgeting accordingly – so you can avoid a financial crunch, and your kid can still be a champ.

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College Budget Tips That’ll Help You Get By

College is the perfect time to master getting by on a dime. Kids heading off to post-secondary school are suddenly staring down the cost of living – rent and food certainly don’t come cheap. And let’s not forget those pesky student loans!

We’ve got a ton of easy ways to max a student’s budget – with a little room for fun left in as well.

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And In This Week’s News…

Casino Smartphone Apps Are Cause For Caution

Gambling can be a lot of fun – but it can wreak absolute havoc on your finances if you don’t exercise self control. Now a new era of gambling is upon us – with the help of modern technology it’s easy for anyone to play a game of blackjack or roulette by simply using his or her smartphone.

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Trading Stocks With Mobile Apps

Trade on the go with an online trading mobile app – a must have for any avid trader. Stocked with features like in-debth mobile market analysis, and easy-to-execute trade functions, you can connect to the market like never before.

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Student Loans Shouldn’t Last A Lifetime

The costs of tuition are going up – and getting through post-secondary school with minimal debt levels takes a certain amount of financial savvy. However, a TD survey shows that 28 per cent of students still spend the majority of their money on entertainment. Establishing smart money management before heading off to school can make all the difference between graduating debt-free and a lifetime in the red.

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Debit Credit Cards Create Global Possibilities

Credit debit cards combine the convenience and security of credit cards with the instant access of debit – and are proving to be a handy way to pay when traveling abroad. As with all finance products, though, you’re paying for the convenience. Read on to learn more about the advantages and fees offered by this cashless combo.

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Canadian Inflation Underperforms in July at 1.3 Per Cent

Canadians are a little lighter in the pockets these days – and July saw lower-than-expected inflation growth as a result. Levels only rose by 1.3 per cent from 2011 numbers year-over-year – shy of the 2 per cent average aimed for by the Bank of Canada.

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 You Answered!

You Answered

This week we asked Canadians:

What is your biggest back-to-school expense?

71.7 per cent of parents say that the big shopping push for clothes and supplies sets them back the most – thank goodness back-to-school shopping is only once a year!

26.4 per cent say the cost of competitive sports and activities is most expensive, with equipment and fee payments year-round.

1.9 per cent reported that private education tuition topped their chequing accounts.

Want in on some awesome prizes? Check out this week’s poll: What is the biggest cost of having a baby? You could WIN a $25 Tim Horton’s gift card!

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