When Taxes Get Tricky

Tips for tough taxes

March 22, 2013

There’s still over a month until your tax deadline, but for those with complicated claims, time is running out fast. If filing your taxes is proving to be less than straightforward, it may be time to ask for a hand.

Whether you’re considering the services of an accountant, filing as self employed, or just scrambling to get it all done, we have tips that can help.

Is It Time For a Tax Pro?

No one enjoys doing their taxes – but if yours are truly complicated, it might be in your best interest to throw in the towel and call in the pros.

If your taxes extend beyond basic income claims and deductions, they’re likely best left in the hands of an accountant. Read on to see if you’re in need of professional help.

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6 Tips: Taxes For the Self Employed

If you’re your own boss, filing your taxes is a whole other ball game – not only do your deadlines differ, but claims can become much more complex. Not only that, but if you employ a staff, you’re responsible for their taxes as well.Read on for our top tips to make taxes easier for entrepreneurs.
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Late Taxes? Prepare to Pay!

Thinking of fudging that tax deadline? It’ll cost you! Not only will you be subjected to ongoing interest, but the government keeps tabs on repeat offenders – bad news for chronically late tax filers.Read on on to see how late tax penalties are calculated, and how you can avoid them.
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And in this week’s finance headlines…

What Is An Actuary?

What is an actuary and how are they involved in assessing your insurance risk? In this first edition of RateSupermarket.ca’s Ask an Actuary series, real actuaries will answer the insurance and risk assessment questions of readers. Send us your actuary questions today!
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Are Carney’s Debt Warnings Working?

 Mark Carney’s debt warnings have attempted to lower Canadian household debt – but with levels higher than ever, are Canadians listening?
Read Rubina’s Blog | Carney’s Debt Warnings

4 Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income

You’ve saved for years for your retirement – but what can you do if your nest egg falls short of your living expenses? Here are 4 great ways to boost your retirement income.
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Manulife Drops Rate to 2.89% – Then Retracts It!

Manulife Bank of Canada lowered their rate to 2.89%, only to retract it due to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s urging.
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ATB HELOC Offered At 3% in Alberta

ATB is offering a 3% rate on their HELOCs – the lowest rate in Canada! Available in Alberta until May 31, this makes it more affordable for homeowners to access their equity – but is it a good idea to take out a loan when national interest rates are low?
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CREA Housing Market Update: Balancing Conditions for 2013

The CREA housing market update is in – and it shows slow, but steady growth for Canada’s housing market as conditions balance from CMHC mortgage rule changes made last summer.
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Should You Cash In On Travel Credit Card Bonuses?

Travel credit cards promising huge point payoffs for new signups are hitting the market – but how much are thousands of points or miles really worth? We break down the dollar value to see if these cards really go the extra mile.
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