What’s Your Financial Personality? The MoneyWise Guide to Becoming Financially Savvy

What's Your Financial Personality? The MoneyWise Guide to Becoming Financially Saavy

There are certain things that you just don’t learn in school; like how to fold a fitted sheet, how to network, or how to make a budget. Yet, you’ll probably spend a good chunk of your life doing all of the above (especially folding the fitted sheet).

And as most of us inevitably jot down “reevaluate finances” on our new year’s resolutions list, the first step is finding the right resources. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a guide, breaking down some of the most common financial subjects that may confuse those who have never made a budget, or want to start investing, or have no idea what their credit score means – nevertheless where to find it.

The MoneyWise Guide to Becoming Financially Savvy is the key to mastering the basics of personal finance, giving you the resources to navigate simple budgeting, investing and credit building.

When it comes to personal finances, we all have different views on how to spend and save our own money. A person’s “money attitude” – one’s psychological regard for money – plays an important role in financial decision-making. According to research published in the International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research, there are seven personality types that can be used to describe a person’s money beliefs and behaviours. So what’s your financial personality type? Are you an Economizer? A Binger? A Planner? Take this fun quiz to find out!

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