What’s Your Console Really Costing You?

How to save on your gaming console

RateSupermarket.ca study finds video game systems depreciate an average of $311.95 CAD

October 17, 2013 – Toronto, Ontario: With a console in 61 per cent of households, Canada’s gaming industry is the third largest in the world – and with $1.7 billion spent annually, consumers are shelling out to get in on the action*. A RateSupermarket.ca poll finds 37.6 per cent of respondents allocate a portion of their budget to video games – with 16.4 per cent admitting to buying an average of 15 new games each year.

The ROI Replay

The study illustrates the affordability of upcoming Generation 8 consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, along with their Generation 7 counterparts. Titled The Cost of Video Gaming In Canada, the infographic depicts an average depreciation of console cost of $311.95 from launch date to present day, and indicates which new console offers the best bang for gaming bucks.

“While you can’t put a price on fun, consumers may not realize just how much they’re spending on their gaming activities,” said Penelope Graham, editor at RateSupermarket.ca. “We wanted to provide a budget-friendly cheat sheet for savvy customers looking to purchase their next console, and some easy ways to save even more on their gaming costs.”

*Secor Consulting Group’s Canada’s Entertainment Software Industry In 2011

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