What’s In Your Best Interest?

Your Best Interest

When it comes to managing your cash, it helps to have guidance from those you trust. But what if their motives don’t exactly align with saving you money? This week, we take a look at consumer advocates – from your realtor, to new merchant credit card fee caps – to see how they really benefit shoppers. Read on for the full story.

Home Buying Professionals: Who Can You Trust?

It takes a village to buy a home – from working with a realtor to sorting out closing costs with a lawyer, there are a number of pros you’ll need to work with on your journey to homeownership. The good news – they’re there to help you with the process. The bad – they’re not always transparent about who they’re working for. Here’s what you need to know as an informed buyer when selecting your real estate team.

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Credit Card Tap Payments: What You Need to Know

Tap payment technology has become widespread among Canadian retailers – but many shoppers still have reservations about tap-and-go purchases. Confusion over how the technology works – and whether it’s safe – tops the list of mobile tap FAQs.

We’ve tackled the biggest misconceptions – read on to learn more.

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Credit Card Interchange Fees: The Impact in Other Countries

This month, a new cap on credit card processing fees will be implemented for Canadian retailers. It’s a move meant to benefit small business owners and consumers – fewer fees paid mean more money saved – but there are worries it will have opposite implications. Here, we explore how interchange fee caps have gone into effect in other countries – and their ultimate impact.

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In Economic News: “Atrocious” Economic Conditions in Canada For Q1

Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz has stated economic conditions in Canada will be “atrocious” in Q1. How should Canadian consumers react to this news?

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Tax Spotlight: What if the CRA Makes a Mistake?

Hey, we’re all human – tax mistakes happen… but what about when the error is made by the government? While a rare occurrence, the CRA can make mistakes. Here’s the course of action you can take if you disagree about your taxes.

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