A Vote For the Economy?

Vote for the economy

The long-awaited federal election is just a weekend away – are you ready to cast your ballot? This election has shone a spotlight on Canada’s economic health – and the pressure is on each party to address the issues of oil prices, tax savings and the housing market.

Meanwhile, there’s more choice than ever in the credit card market, as two new contenders are revealed. Read on for this week’s full coverage.

TFSAs and the Federal Election: What You Should Know

The Federal Election is right around the corner, and each party’s platform has the ability to impact your personal finances. The issue of how each will handle tax-free savings accounts is a top voter concern. Here, we break down each party’s stance on the popular savings option. Read on for the full story.
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New Tangerine MoneyBack Credit Card and Capital One Updates

Canada’s credit card landscape just got more competitive; Tangerine has unveiled the details of its Money-Back credit card, while Capital One is bringing exciting new changes to its popular Aspire Travel products. Read on for our updates, and to learn whether these cards would be a great fit for your wallet.
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Are Toronto Condos Still a Good Investment?

Toronto condo prices have been steadily rising for two decades – but did you know that, historically, returns on condo purchases in the city beat out those of the Toronto Stock Exchange? Read on for one senior economists take on the condo market – and whether they’re still a great investment in the GTA.
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The Best Grocery Apps: 2015 Edition

Want to save money at the grocery store? From digital coupons to picking the right veggies, the best grocery apps can help cut your food bill. Check out our top 4 picks, tested at the checkout by frugal living expert Sean Cooper.

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Oh the Horror! Halloween Costs Are On The Rise

Prepare to spend to be spooky – Halloween costs, such as candy and costumes, are getting more expensive. Read on for the gruesome details… and see how you could scream up some savings.

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