Top Cars that Save You the Most on Gas

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Feeling pinched at the pump lately? You’re likely not alone.

Nationwide, Canadians have seen increases in gas prices. According to recent data from Statistics Canada, the cost of gasoline has gone up by 20 per cent year over year. In Alberta specifically, the cost of gas is up almost 34 per cent from last year, while in Ontario gas prices increased 20.4 per cent.

These numbers may be troubling to some, especially those in the market for a new (or used) vehicle. The difference in fuel costs between vehicles can definitely make or break your purchase decision. The best way to save on gas overall is to avoid gas-guzzlers and look into a fuel-efficient model.

Nowadays, there are many conventional cars, hybrids, plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and battery-electric (BEV) vehicles on the market, but some can save you more on gas than others. That being said, each year, Natural Resources Canada (NRC) recognizes the most fuel-efficient vehicles sold in Canada by class. So before gas prices make you trade in your keys for sneakers, check out this list of the best fuel-efficient vehicles that you can buy right now:

2017’s most fuel efficient vehicles: conventional and hybrids

Type of vehicle Most fuel-efficient in class Estimated Annual Fuel Cost
Two-seater smart fortwo cabriolet $1461
Minicompact Fiat 500 Hatchback $1302
Subcompact Ford Fiesta SFE $1265
Compact Toyota Prius c $949
Mid-size Toyota Prius $837
Full-size Ford C-MAX Hybrid $1,097
Small station wagon Kia Niro FE $874
Mid-size station wagon Toyoto Prius v $1,079
Small pickup Chevrolet Colorado
GMC Canyon
Standard pickup Ford F-150 $2,027
Small SUV Nissan Rogue Hybrid $1,265
Standard SUV Lexus RX 450h AWD $1,722
Minivan Mazda5 $1,786

2017’s most fuel-efficient vehicles: advanced technology (PHEVs and BEVs)

Type of vehicle Most fuel-efficient in class Estimated Annual Cost to Run
Subcompact BMW i3 (60Ah) $437
Compact Ford Focus Electric $510
Mid-size Nissan LEAF $484
Full-size Tesla Model S 60D/90D $525
Small station wagon Chevrolet Bolt EV $458
Standard SUV Tesla Model X 75D $585
Minivan Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid $917

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