T’is the Season for Savings

Save more over the holidays.December 7, 2012

The holiday countdown is on – but are your finances looking sadder than a Charlie Brown Christmas tree? It seems the season is full of festive money pits, but there are ways to keep your hard earned cash from sneaky spending elves.

Whether you’re checking off that list, planning a party menu, or finding that perfect New Year’s Eve dress, it’s possible to spend less. Our savings tips are sure to fill you with holiday cheer!

5 Gift Shopping Tips That’ll Save You Money

Make that budget and check it twice – preplanning your gift spending is the only way to escape the mall with your bank account unscathed.

According to a poll conducted by BMO, Canadians plan to spend $674 on their gifts this year. Seems a bit steep? Spend less with our money-saving gift shopping tips!

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Have a DIY Christmas for Seasonal Savings

Gifts may cost an arm and a leg, but the real financial hit comes those hidden holiday costs  – wrapping supplies, decor, food – not to mention that glitzy party wardrobe.

One way to counter the cost is to get crafty! We’ve got ways to take the do-it-yourself approach for all of your holiday needs.

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Save Money With These Holiday Party Ideas

T’is the season to party! If you’re a holiday host, the pressure is on to throw a great shindig – but no need to blow your savings like confetti.

Plan the perfect holiday party with our steps to spending less on food, refreshments, decor and more!

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And in the headlines this week…

Gas Prices: Why You’ll Pay More on the East Coast

Gas prices are to rise this winter, but eastern Canadians may find themselves paying more than those out west. What are the factors influencing pump prices – and what can you do to limit the cost of driving and heating your home this season?

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Bank of Canada Rate: Change to Come in 2013

As anticipated, the Bank of Canada has announced that the Overnight Lending Rate will remain at one per cent for the time being. However, change is slated for interest rates – as well as the Canadian and global economies – in 2013.

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TFSA Limit Rises to $5,500 in 2013

Good news for investors: maximum contributions for tax free savings accounts will increase by $500 in 2013. TFSAs are a fantastic savings tool – but they’re surrounded by confusion. Learn more about the basics of using a TFSA and understanding the benefits of this savings vehicle.

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