Time’s Up For Those Taxes!

Tips for last minute taxes

April 26, 2013

There’s merely days until Tax Season 2013 comes to an end – and if you have yet to file yours, it’s time to get your act together!

Our last minute tax guide debunks every excuse in the book for tax procrastinators – whether you’re missing your T4, unsure about your income or are confused about tax credits, this week’s Money Wise lineup can help!

How To File Taxes Without a T4

Still missing your tax paperwork? The “dog ate my homework” excuse won’t cut it here – you still have to file your return on time.

Fortunately, there’s still ways to meet that tax deadline, even without a T4 – read on to learn how!

Allan’s Blog | How To File Taxes Without a T4

Top Tax Return Errors to Avoid

We know it’s a mad rush to file – but a sloppy mistake on your taxes can really cost you. Determining your claimed income isn’t always straightforward – and when it comes to failing to claim tax credits – you snooze, you lose!

Check out these top tax mistakes that are likely to have the CRA come calling.

Read Diane’s Blog | Top Tax Return Errors to Avoid

Tax Tips For Seniors

Last minute tax time can be stressful for anyone – but seniors face additional challenges.

While senior-specific tax credits abound, it can be tricky understanding which apply to you – not to mention withdrawals from RRSPs or pension payments can result in a surprisingly large bill post-filing.

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And in this week’s finance headlines…

Daffodil Day 2013: The Costs of Cancer

This Saturday, April 27 is Daffodil Day 2013. It’s a time to reflect on the impact cancer has on our lives, emotionally, physically and financially. Read on to learn more about the economic impact of living with cancer.

Read Rubina’s Blog | Daffodil Day 2013

This is Not Your Parents’ Housing Market

A new TD poll finds that it’s harder than ever for young adults to break into the housing market. Read on to see why Gen Y’s face more challenges than the Baby Boomers who came before them.

Read Andrew’s Blog | Not Your Parents’ Housing Market

Will Home Renovations Make You Richer?

Thinking of added some home renovations to increase your property value? A new study from CIBC found that Canadians plan to spend $15,300 on home improvements this year.

Read Sean’s Blog | Will Home Renovations Make You Richer?

How Will Falling Gold Prices Affect You?

Falling gold prices may be cause for concern among investors, but the metal’s decline will affect all aspects of the Canadian economy.

Read George’s Blog | Falling Gold Prices

Thinking of Buying a Home? Assess Your Risks

Not sure if buying a home or renting one is the better choice? It all comes down to risk factors – here’s an actuary breakdown of how to determine yours.

Read Ask an Actuary | Thinking of Buying a Home?

Earth Day Blogger Challenge: Go Green In The Kitchen

Looking for ways to go green in the kitchen? Diane, one of our very own bloggers, accepted the challenge. Check out how she managed to cut down on prepackaged waste, and the savings she cooked up!

Read Diane’s Blog | Earth Day Challenge

Smoking Indoors Can Devalue Your Home By 29%!

Did you know that smoking indoors can greatly reduce the value of your home? This nasty habit scares away potential buyers, forcing you to sell for less.

Read Sean’s Blog | Smoking Indoors Can Devalue Your Home

The Cost of Adulthood – Why New Grads Stay With Mom and Dad

Why are so many new grads living with their parents? The cost of adulthood – debt, rent, and low wages, – is preventing many from making the move.

Read Penelope’s Blog | The Cost of Adulthood

You Answered!

This week's poll

WIN by answering our poll!

This week, we asked Canadians:

What’s your biggest tax filing challenge?

69.7% say that understanding what they’re entitled to in regards to tax deductions is the trickiest part of filing.

25% say filing on time is a huge challenge – that April 30th deadline sure sneaks up quick!

5.3% say filing without a T4 throws them through a loop – it’s tough to do your taxes without the proper paperwork!

Want the chance to WIN a $25 Tim Horton’s Gift Card? Simply answer this week’s poll question:

What’s your preferred way to save your money?

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