The Real Value Of Rewards

What is a rewards point really worth?

Miles, points and rewards – Canadians love to collect them, and retailers love to dole them out. After all, it seems a win-win situation – Discounts and perks keep consumers happy – and coming back through those store doors.

If you’re a fan of racking up rewards, be sure to check out our guide – we break down the real value of a point and offer up creative ways to earn more and pay less!

What Are Retail Rewards Credit Cards Worth

Branded credit and debit cards are a common offering at large supermarket chains, gas stations and other clothing retailers – and customers love them. After all, why not be rewarded in freebies and discounts at your favourite stores, just for shopping?

How much are those retailer loyalty points really saving you? We break down the reward return for several popular loyalty programs.

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Pay For Your Wedding With Credit Card Rewards

You’ve scrimped and saved for your big day – wouldn’t it be nice to receive cash back and other perks on all of those wedding related purchases?

With proper rewards credit card use you really can have that custom 3-tiered cake and eat it too… to say nothing of the centrepieces, dress, dj…

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What Happens To Reward Points When You Die

If you’re an avid member of a loyalty rewards program, you’ve likely collected thousands of points over the duration of your card use. And, as you need to spend some to earn some, those rewards can be translated into significant monetary value.

But what if the worst happened before you had the chance to use them? Is it possible to treat your rewards points as assets and leave them to your loved ones? Read on to find out!

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And in this week’s finance headlines…

I’ll Love You Forever. Now Get Out Of My House

You can try subtle hints. You can yell and scream. You can even stop cooking their favourite dish. But if your adult child is still living at home, no amount of badgering or bad cooking is going to get them to move out. A special prize pack, full of furniture and groceries, however, might do the trick!

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Canadian Unemployment Rate Increases to 7.2%

The Canadian unemployment rate increased to 7.2 per cent after losses were experienced in all sectors across the nation. How will this affect the rest of the economy, including the Canadian housing market?

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4 Home Buying Myths – Busted

Is owning a home always better than renting? Will you really get a better deal out in the suburbs? Some home buying advice can do more harm than good. Here, we bust the top 4 home buying myths.

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Overdraft Protection: Overpriced Peace of Mind?

Overdraft protection can bail your bank account out of a tight situation – but using this add-on banking service can rack up high interest debt very quickly. Here’s what you need to know about overdrafts.

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Temps Are Rising But Mortgage Rates Staying At Record Lows

The thermostat may be rising, but the same can’t be said for mortgage rates in the month of April.’s expert mortgage panel forecasts stable conditions for both fixed and variable mortgage rates for the near future.

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Go The Extra Mile With Charge Card Rewards

Looking for the best travel rewards? One of the best cards on the market for trip points is actually a charge card! Read on to learn more about the great features offered by the American Express Gold Rewards Card, and about the basics of charge card use.

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Canadian Household Debt Levels Drop

Are Canadians heeding the warnings on high household debt levels? According to an recent RBC Economics study, we appear to be making progress, as debt nationwide declined in February.

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You Answered!

This Week's Question

This week on Money Wise, we asked Canadians:

What is the biggest item you’ve cashed your credit card reward points on?

38.5% of poll takers said those hard-earned credit card reward points went toward a household or consumer item from the lender’s rewards catalogue.

36.9% admitted they have yet to cash their points in at all.

12.3% of respondents say they don’t have a rewards credit card at all.

9.2% say they’ve turned those miles into discounted airfare and other flying perks.

3.1% went the extra mile with a full vacation or cruise package.




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