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Understand Insurance To Get The Best CoverageSeptember 21, 2012

No one can see the future – which is why it’s fortunate that insurance products exist to keep your family, home and valuables safe in a worst case scenario. But why must peace of mind come with so much paperwork?

The pressure is on to make the right decision for your insurance needs. Whether you’re on the hunt for the best broker, or determining your best long-term life options, we have tips for demystifying the process.

Life Insurance: When Should You Get It?

Choosing your life insurance coverage isn’t a decision to take lightly. After all, should the unforeseen occur your policy is responsible for protecting your loved ones and dependents.

Finding the best coverage for your needs is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Read on for ways to assess your personal and financial needs when choosing your insurance.

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The Truth Behind Mortgage Insurance

What if you couldn’t pay off your mortgage? It’s a scary thought – and precisely the emotion banks are counting on when they try to sell you coverage. Psst: they’re the beneficiaries – not your loved ones!

While it may seem like perfect sense to take out mortgage insurance, you should weigh your life insurance options first. Check out our tips for choosing your best coverage.

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Questions For Your Insurance Broker

Picking your perfect coverage can be a daunting process, full of hidden policy limitations and premium loopholes. Teaming up with an insurance broker can be an effective way to cut through the baloney.

Selecting the right professional to work with, however, requires some research. Check out our fail-proof list of questions to ask when hunting for your broker.

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And in this week’s news headlines:

Downsizing To A Condo? Adjust Your Financial Strategy

Many Canadian boomers are considering trading the family home for a compact condo to cut living costs. There’s a lot of money to be saved by downsizing – but be aware of your changing financial strategy and insurance needs as well.

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Small Business Tax Breaks: Government Fall Agenda

The Conservative government has released highlights from their Fall agenda, and small business tax breaks are on the table. This measure would boost Canadian job creation, as well as support the exporting industry.

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Can Canadians Afford The Future?

Are we in for a lifetime of debt? According to our Cost of the Future study, Canadians are staring down some of the longest debt repayment plans ever – and they’re kicked off by sky-high tuition costs.

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CREA Slashes Housing Market Forecast For 2012

It appears housing markets across the country are feeling the brunt of recent CMHC mortgage changes, as sales saw a 5.8 per cent nation-wide dip from July to August. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), this is the largest month-over-month decline since June 2010.

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Loonie Strengthens Against U.S. Stimulus Plans

The Loonie is looking stronger than ever at $1.03 U.S., jumping in response to the extreme American Federal Reserve stimulus announcement that will see the U.S. government printing money and buying $40B of mortgage debt a month.

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You Answered!

This Week's PollThis week, we asked Canadians: Which job do you think is the best future top earner?

39.5% of you say that Lawyers are most in the money.

26.3% say Funeral Directors need not look so grim with their earning prospects.

23.7% say Property Developers know how to cash in.

Only 10.5% think there’s money to be made in Retirement Community Coordination.

0% think there’s a future to be had in Library Sciences. Shhh!

Want in on your chance to WIN? Check out this week’s poll: What stresses you the most about your money?

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