The Gift of Wealth

Saving and investing themed gift ideasDecember 14, 2012

Want to give your loved ones something they truly need? This year, take a more meaningful approach with your gift giving with finance-themed presents. Rather than forking over cash or a gift card, well-planned financial gifts will continue to pay gift recipients back well beyond the new year.

Whether you’re looking to spread the work of financial literacy, or set a loved one on the path to savings, check out our guide for gifts that’ll spread the wealth.

The Gift of Investing: 3 Holiday Ideas

Stumped with someone who’s hard to buy for? Why not give the gift of wealth? With a well planned investment, you can kick start a loved one’s financial future – with a gift that goes far beyond an envelope of cash.

From savings trusts to the stock market, we’ve got a few great ways to put a festive spin on any investment.

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Giving Donations: Your Christmas Guide

Looking for a gift with true meaning? Why not make a difference for someone in need? There are many organizations that make it a snap to present a donation in lieu of a traditional present. Not only will you be the gift giver with a heart of gold – but you could also be treated to a tax break.

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Finance Gift Ideas for All Ages

Is there a finance aficionado on your gift list? There are a ton of money-themed gifts to be had – and they’re perfect for promoting financial literacy at any age. From the age old classic Monopoly, to stock-market brain teasers, our gift guide is full of ideas suitable for kids and stockbrokers alike.

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And in news headlines this week…

Canada Approves CNOOC Nexen Takeover

The Canadian federal government has approved the takeover of Nexen, one of Canada’s largest oil companies, by China-based CNOOC. It’s the largest foreign takeover in Canada’s history, and could set a precedent for future takeover bids.

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Canadians Not so Jolly About End of Year Economic Sentiment

As the year draws to a close, Canadian economic sentiment is far from cheery. As threat of the U.S. fiscal cliff looms, many fear another recession is imminent – despite optimistic economic predictions from a recent RBC survey.

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All I Want For Christmas are Historic Low Mortgage Rates’s expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel does not expect any movement for fixed or variable mortgage rates this December as European fiscal unease lingers, and the Bank of Canada continues to hold the Overnight Lending Rate at one per cent.

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