The Best Things to Buy in July

The Best Things to Buy in July(1)(1)

Everything seems to be in full bloom in July, including the deals! The majority of Canadians are likely to spend more time enjoying the outdoors at this time of year, and that has stores needing to go to extreme lengths to get people’s attention and encourage them to buy. If you’re in the market for a big purchase, you’re in luck – there are a number of large ticket items that will be on sale this month.

Here are some of the best things to buy in July:

Save on last Year’s Computers

There are number of good times during the year to get deals on computers, including back to school season in September and leading up to Christmas. But July is a great month as well. New computer models come out during the summer months which means that you often find heavy discounts on older models in July. You’re likely to get an even bigger discount if you’re willing to buy the model on display. If the store isn’t ready to part with it, let them know that you’re interested in purchasing it once the rest of their stock has been liquidated.

Buy the Motorcycle of your Dreams

Motorcycle dealerships know the best time to get out and ride is in the summer. They have a limited window in which to make most of their annual sales, starting in the spring and ending in early fall. That’s why some of the best deals on motorcycles can be found in July. Dealerships want to entice you to buy while you’re still able to enjoy the good weather, so stop imagining yourself out on the open road and start driving your dream motorcycle!

Celebrate Christmas in July

July marks the beginning of the second half of 2016. That means that it’s still five months before retailers can count on holiday sales such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost their bottom lines. Many different types of businesses will offer Christmas in July promotions but you’re most likely to find them at furniture stores and car dealerships. Keep your eyes peeled for Christmas in July flyers and advertisements and save big.

Get Golfing

If you need new golf clubs, July is a great time to pick up a deal. While there will also be good sales at the end of the season, you’ll be able to use your new equipment this year by taking advantage of July golf sales.

Enjoy Prime Day has its own version of Christmas in July. Amazon Prime Day is July 12th – that’s when they give significant discounts on a number of items they sell. As the title suggests, the promotion is for members of their Amazon Prime program. If you’re not a member, you can still cash in on some Prime Day deals. Similar to their Black Friday sales, there are often a number of great offers in limited quantities that come up throughout the day. I suggest logging on to Amazon a day or two before Prime Day to get a taste of what they’ll be offering.

Find a Great Suit

With the hot weather, no one is thinking about buying a suit – and that’s exactly why you should be. If you have to dress formally for work or if you need a new suit for a special occasion, then summer is a great time for men and women to stock up on formal wear. Check out local department stores and men’s clothing stores for deep discounts. Long sleeve dress shirts and ties will also be on sale. By stocking up now, you will ensure that you look great in the fall when the weather turns cooler.

Paint your Place

Since so many people take time off in the summer, it may seem like a great time to do renovations or spruce up around the house. In reality, it’s a time when many people feel like it’s too hot do physical labour and would rather just get away and relax.  For that reason, hardware and paint stores often have sales on home renovation essentials. If you’re willing to sweat it out while painting your home’s exterior or interior, then it may be worth it to take advantage of these great deals.

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Buy in Season

Since July is the middle of summer, that means that local farmers have a bounty to offer. This month will see significantly more fresh and local fruits and vegetables. This year’s good weather will likely result in a bumper crop which will push prices lower and allow you to get a great deal while supporting local farmers. To get an even greater discount, consider going to a u-pick farm to stock up on blueberries, strawberries and raspberries for canning or freezing. According to Foodland Ontario, local cherries, currants, plums, peaches, raspberries, strawberries and watermelon are ripe in July. When it comes to vegetables, look for local beans, beats, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, corn, cucumbers, peppers, peas, spinach, radishes and summer squash. And don’t forget to enjoy!

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