The Best New Credit Card 2012: Scotiabank Gold American Express

the Scotia Gold AMEX is the best new credit card of 2012Last September, Scotiabank announced a new alliance with American Express, and unveiled  a new line of premium travel rewards credit cards. The lineup has generated a fair amount of buzz among rewards enthusiasts for offering the plush perks associated with AMEX, along with the accessibility of a Scotia credit card.

One particular standout from the group is the Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card. We recently selected this as the Best New Credit Card 2012 in our recent Best of Finance Product Pick Awards, and for good reason: this card packs a one-two punch of very high rewards return and unparallelled travel features. New card holders are awarded right away with 20,000 welcome points – a $200 value toward travel that helps offset the card’s $99 annual fee.

A People Pleaser With 4 Points on the Dollar

The beauty of this card is its ability to rack up rewards really fast – and that’s because you’ll be earning four points on the dollar on just about all of your purchases. This includes the ever-popular points on gas and grocery shopping, but you’ll also get rewards on dining and entertainment – a great reason to indulge in a night on the town.

Don’t Leave Home Without These Travel Rewards

Whether you’re a frequent business flyer, or an adventurer at heart, this credit card comes loaded with perks that take the pain out of trip planning. A variety of exclusive cardholder discounts await travelers, such as saving on airfare, reduced hotel and car rental rates, and other special amenities. Those looking for a great getaway will also receive special insider deals on vacation and cruise packages. Cardholders are also privy to exclusive free concierge services 24/7 that will help with booking all travel and excursions. However, you don’t have to stick with Scotiabank’s concierge when setting your travel plans – points can be cashed in with any travel provider, and there are no black-outs or flight restrictions to navigate.

The Ultimate Peace-of-Mind Perks

It’s important to have the necessary insurance coverage when travelling, especially when leaving the country. This card is designed to keep you protected in the face of medical emergencies, flight delays, or other unforeseen travel occurrences. In addition to trip interruption and cancellation insurance, it also includes travel medical, accident, rental vehicle, flight delay and baggage insurance. Of course, purchase protection and extended warranty is also available on all purchases.

Why We Think It’s The Best Credit Card of the Year

We admit it – we’re suckers for high reward return. Four points back on the dollar is one of the highest on the market, and is not subjected to any introductory period or restrictions. Unlike some other rewards offerings on the market, points can be gathered through a very wide variety of purchases.

It should be noted, though, that this card comes saddled with an annual fee and the standard 19.99 per cent APR. Balance transfers and cash advances are also on the pricey side, at 21.99 per cent. Because of these factors, this card is best utilized by a serious traveler who makes a point of paying down their balance on a regular basis. Cardholders who find themselves with the tendency of carrying debt may be better off with a low interest or balance transfer option.

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