The Best Grocery Apps: 2015 Edition

Best Grocery Apps

When it comes to money-saving apps, it seems like your options are endless – there are always new versions coming to market, so shoppers need to stay ahead of the curve to get the latest in savings. Last year, we covered the Best Grocery Apps: 4 Reviews. Lots of great updates are now available, so we’ve rounded up this year’s crop, designed to get you deals at Canada’s biggest grocery retailers.  I’ve tried these apps out first hand while shopping, so you can head to the grocery store this week and start saving money right away.

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Flipp App

Forget clipping coupons; Flipp is a free digital flyer app that is your essential go-to for the most savings on your weekly shopping. Flipp’s latest coupon matchups feature brings together local flyer deals with coupons from brands users love for the ultimate savings on items needed every week. Its easy search feature and shopping list makes meal planning easy – stay organized, find items for recipes and stay on track and budget every week.

Flipp recently received a facelift: Flipp 3.0 features a new coupon-matching feature that lets you save even more by matching local store deals with manufacturer coupons. Flipp features over 800 retailers in Canada and the U.S. and is growing. Not only did I save time with Flipp, I also saved money. No more flipping (pun intended) through grocery apps for the best deals. I was able to easily find the best deals at local grocery stores (I saved $15 through coupons and price matching on my last trip alone).

Download: iOS | Android

Spark Recipes

Spark recipes app

If you’re looking to try out some new healthy meal ideas, you can’t go wrong with Spark Recipes. Over 500,000 tasty recipes are at your fingertips from the self-proclaimed healthiest recipes website. The recipe database is easy to use – not only does it feature dinner ideas, it also features plenty of breakfast and lunch ideas. Rest assured these recipes are scrumptious – they’ve been tested by home cooks. As a vegetarian, I was worried there wouldn’t be many options – I was pleasantly surprised to find countless meal options. I also like the fact that nutritional information (calories, fat, carbs, etc.) are included with each recipe, making it easier to eat healthy.

Download: iOS | Android

Perfect Produce

Perfect Produce app

Are you sick and tired of fruits and vegetables spoiling in your fridge? Are you clueless when it comes to picking ripe watermelons? Worry no more! Perfect Produce helps you choose produce, so you don’t end up wasting your money on spoiled fruits and veggies anymore. Browsing the produce department was a breeze with Perfect Produce. I knew exactly what to look for to find the ripest tomatoes for my paste sauce recipe. I also knew exactly how to store the tomatoes so they would be fresh, instead of spoiled.

Download: iOS | Android

Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats app

Teaching kids about healthy eating habits is a major concern for parents. Awesome Eats helps children learn about fruits, veggies and whole grains in a fun, engaging and educational game. Mixed throughout the game’s 64 fun-filled levels are countless healthy eating tips. I let my cousin try out this game and he couldn’t put it down. Not only did he have a blast, he also learned a lot about eating healthier. He vowed to stop eating sugary cereal (I’ll believe it when I see it).

Download: iOS | Android

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