That’s A Wrap On 2013!

Money resolutions for 2014

Christmas Day has passed – and it’s time to turn your attentions from feasting and gifts to starting January off on the right financial foot.

But don’t fear – it doesn’t need to be a long, cold winter of debt repayment. Check out what you can do NOW to minimize the impact gift giving has on your money supply in the new year.

Financial Resolutions 2014: 4 New Ways You Should Manage Your Money

It’s that time of year again – when we declare our intentions to be thinner, happier and richer. While we can’t help you with your New Year’s diet plan, we’ve got some great new ideas for better money management in 2014 – check them out for a wealthier new you!
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Need Cheap Last Minute Shopping Ideas?

There’s nothing worse than the last minute holiday gift scramble – and while Christmas may have come and gone, the same challenges exist post-holiday – scant supply, steep prices, and very busy crowds. Here are our top tips for scoring the perfect gift come crunch time.

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Want A Better January Bill? Switch Up Your Credit Card Rewards

The holidays are always a stressful time financially, and in more ways than one – our poll found that in addition to gift giving, a quarter of Canadians expect to spend between $500 and $1000 on food and travel expenses!

These costs get even steeper if you’re charging them to a credit card not suited to your spending needs. Take the Holiday Rewards Challenge to see if cash back or low balance transfer features are in the cards for you.

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And don’t forget this week’s top finance headlines:

Are You A VIP? 3 Top Holiday Credit Card Perks

Luxurious lounges, cash prizes and free gift cards – these are all swanky holiday perks offered to cardholders this year. Does your plastic make you a VIP? Check out our roundup of the best credit card holiday rewards.

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Ice Storm 2013 – Your Insurance Needs

Ice storm 2013 hit Toronto and the east coast hard on Sunday, causing hazardous conditions and thousands of homes without power. Many suffered damage due to the icy roads, fallen trees and broken power lines. Will your insurance coverage be enough? Here’s what you need to know.

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What Is The Volcker Rule?

The Volcker Rule is part of new U.S. banking reforms aimed to end risky investment practices and prevent a new financial crisis. While it’s mainly an American policy change, Canadian lenders will also be affected as they do business with our American neighbours on a regular basis.

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Top Tips For Boxing Day 2014

Black Friday might be gaining popularity, but Boxing Day is still the top shopping day in Canada. Planning to hit the malls? Here’s what you need to know to shop smart for retailer discounts.

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Money Lessons Learned From Classic Holiday Movies

Snuggling up to watch classic holiday movies is a must during the Christmas season – but did you know your seasonal faves offer financial lessons, along with all the heartwarming family fare?

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