Temps Rise, Rates Drop

Temps Rise Rates Drop

Are you ready for the busiest home-buying season of the year? Spring has certainly sprung for the Canadian real estate market, as open houses pop up faster than the crocuses. Perhaps the most telling sign: Bank of Montreal, the big-bank trendsetter, has introduced a “March miracle”: a history-making rate for new mortgage borrowers that has since been matched by TD.

Meanwhile, the Canadian economy continues to absorb the impact from record-low oil prices – and not all provinces will emerge unscathed. Read on for the full story.

BMO Drops Their 5-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate to 2.79%

The first real sign of the spring buying season has arrived – BMO has introduced an aggressively low mortgage rate special for 5-year fixed term shoppers. Clocking in a 2.79 per cent, it is the lowest 5-year rate ever posted by one of Canada’s big banks – and TD has since matched it. What does this mean for those currently on the hunt for a mortgage?

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Average Home Price in Canada Hits $430,000

The Canadian Real Estate Association reports the price of buying real estate continues to rise in Canada, hitting an average of $430,000. As affordability shrinks, how can prospective buyers manage to purchase their dream homes?

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Canadian Economic Forecasts Cut as Oil Drops

The squeeze from lower oil prices is being felt across the nation as two economic forecasters cut their forecasts to better reflect current chances for growth in Canada. Both RBC and OECD are calling for tougher economic times ahead amid plummeting crude. Meanwhile, Canadian consumers continue to rack up debt. Here’s what you need to know.

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Behind On Your Taxes? What You Need to Know

Are you behind in your taxes? You could be facing a hefty late tax bill. Here’s how to take action, and reduce your penalties.

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More Spastic Speculation Over the Bank of Canada

To say it has been an eventful year thus far for market and interest rate watchers would be an understatement. Pundits have been blindsided not once, but twice by the Bank of Canada on the direction for our national cost of borrowing… and it’s only March.

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