A Surprise for Your Savings

A Surprise For Your Savings

What an eventful week! The Bank of Canada has changed the name of the economic game with an unanticipated rate cut – with implications for YOUR mortgage and YOUR savings! Meanwhile, mobile banking apps take centre stage with consumers – lenders who aren’t up to snuff are getting passed by for those who make banking on the go a breeze.

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The Bank of Canada Cuts Interest Rate to 0.75%

Talk about a shakeup! The Bank of Canada surprised economists and markets this week by cutting their central interest rate for the first time since 2010. This means variable mortgage holders and savers alike will see a reduction in their interest rates. Read on to see how this will affect you, your mortgage, and the Canadian economy.

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Turning an RSP Into Income: My Mom’s Story

So you’ve been dutifully contributing to that RSP over the years – now it’s time to turn that nest egg into your day-to-day income. But doing so can can be tricky, especially for those looking to minimize tax on their savings. One woman shares her strategy for moving forward with her retirement fund.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 47% of Millenials Would Switch Lenders for Better Mobile Banking

Need to deposit a cheque, transfer funds or manage your savings? If you’re with one of Canada’s forward-thinking banks, there’s an app for that! It’s increasingly important for banks to offer a great mobile experience – especially as tech-savvy millenials won’t settle for less. Check out the latest Google survey results on mobile banking trends.

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Target Canada: What Went Wrong

Target Canada has announced it is throwing in the towel on Canadian operations. What went wrong – and how will this affect our economy and – most importantly – Canadian jobs?

Sean’s Blog | Target Canada: What Went Wrong

Desjardins and Best Buy Announce Credit Card Partnership

Montreal-based lender Desjardins and Best Buy have announced a new partnership and credit card offering. While the new plastic won’t include a rewards offering, it will provide financing options for Best Buy customers.

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