Summer Travel Study Saves Consumers A Hot $100 On Gas Costs

Summer Travel Study offers frugal fuel tips for on-the-road money management

August 14 – Toronto Ontario: Hitting the open highway for a cross-province road trip may not be as cost effective as frugal travelers think. Price gouging gas stations, sky high insurance premiums and unexpected vehicle wear and tear can put any vacationer’s wallet to work.

According to, Canada’s comprehensive rate comparison site, there are significant savings for drivers who take a savvy approach to their payments at the pump – $92.21 over the course of a year.

This savings strategy is illustrated, along with additional frugal fuel tips, within the site’s Cost of Gas study.

“As transportation accounts for over 20 per cent of the average annual household income*, our aim is to provide drivers with ways to minimize the financial impact of their everyday purchases at the pump,” said Penelope Graham, spokesperson for “Consumers who are aware of their payment options have greater opportunity to save on their driving costs.”

The top tips for fuel savings:

*Statistics Canada The Daily: Survey of Household Spending 2011

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