Summer Buying Secrets


Summer Buying Secrets

Lazy summer often spells a slowdown from spring’s frantic real estate market. But with warmer weather comes a whole new set of buyer challenges. And, as we pass the anniversary of the catastrophic Southern Alberta and Toronto floods, some homeowners are feeling a new kind of pain, as their property value appears washed up. Check out our coverage below, along with the week’s top finance headlines.

Should You Buy a Home Damaged by Flood?

The huge floods that hit Calgary and Toronto this time last year have long been mopped up, but damage to homes – and property values – lingers, especially in Cow Town, where once-desirable river-side homes now fetch bargain basement prices.

While this has caused heartache and headaches for owners and sellers, some buyers could luck out with lower prices – but is it ever worth it to buy a post-flood home?

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All the Single Ladies: Home Buying Tips

Single gals are snapping up real estate, especially in Canada’s urban centres. But the home buying process can be trickier when you’re going at it alone. Check out these top tips for navigating the housing and mortgage market solo.

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U.S. Leads Canada to Economic Recovery

Some good news for recession-weary growth stats: as the U.S. finds its financial footing, Canada is in for a season of growth. Just how much does our economic health rely on our neighbours to the South? Rubina breaks down the biggest contributors to national wealth.

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Are You an Underemployed Skilled Immigrant? You Have Options

Are you a skilled immigrant looking for work in Canada? Experience requirements can be challenging hurdles – but you do have options. Pro poster Pracheer Saran shares the top resources for career-bridging programs and educational services for newcomers.

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5 Family Friendly – and Cheap – Summer Activities

No more school, no more books – and two long months to keep your kids busy. Summer’s a great time to have family experiences – but outings and trips can get expensive. Guest poster Désirée Fawn shares her top 5 and frugal ideas for keeping kids busy.

Read Désirée’s Blog | 5 Family Friendly – and Cheap – Summer Activities>

#RSMWIN Results!

This week, we asked our Twitterverse:

Would rising interest rates be good or bad for your finances?

Rising rates

Looks like our followers are more concerned about a higher cost of borrowing than any possible savings gains from a rate rise.

Want your chance to WIN a $25 gift card? Tweet your answer to @RateSupermarket with #RSMWin!

Would you change banks if it meant saving money?

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Weekly Link Lineup

Pack for savings: Tired of getting dinged with overpacking charges at the airport? Reinvent Your Day shares downsizing packing tips with savings in mind. Via Reinvent Your Day

The art of buying second-hand: Just how much would you save by buying only gently-used goods? Would you ever be tempted to pay full price for new merchandise again? Via Canadian Budget Binder

The true cost of car ownership: Just how much more expensive is it to be a city-dwelling car owner? This blogger breaks down the monthly costs of insurance, gas and maintenance, compared to traveling via public transit. Via Young and Spent

How to hire an expert home inspector: Getting a prospective home purchase inspected is a crucial part of the buying process – but did you know, with the exception of British Columbia and Alberta, that home inspectors are not nationally regulated? Check out these tips for hiring the right pro. Via The Housing Block


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