Student Budget Savers

Tips for student budget savers

You’re now a month into the semester – but are your funds in danger of flunking out already? College life can be a blast, but all that partying, socializing (and hopefully a little studying) is costly, too.

If you’re worried about making your money last till graduation, fear not. Check out this week’s guide on making the most of your student budget.

Partying On A Budget: A Student’s Guide

Everyone needs a break from studying… but are you enjoying student life a little too much? There’s nothing as effective as partying and pub nights to blast through a budget – and that can spell disaster for cash strapped students.

Here are some tips for having a good time while still keeping your student spending in check.

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6 Tips For Paying Back Student Loans

Student loans may be a monetary life saver while school’s in session – but they can turn scary real quick when it comes time to pay them back.

Don’t start post-grad life in a debt hole – make a payback plan now for effective student debt repayment. Here’s how to do it.

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How To Get Free Money For Students: Little Known Tips

It’s a common misconception that scholarships are reserved for the best brains and brawn – but did you know that there are over 7,000 student awards up for grabs each year?

Check out our guide to scoring free money as a student, and how to effectively apply for a scholarship or bursary.

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Behind on your finance headlines? Not to fear – catch up on the news here!

U.S. Government Closed For Business. Now What?

The US government closed its doors on Monday, sending 800,000 workers home. What’s next, and what are the consequences of a prolonged shutdown?

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6 Confusing Pension Terms Defined

Confused about the language in your pension plan? You’re not alone. Here are 6 common pension terms defined.

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How Telematics Auto Insurance Can Lower Your Premium

Telematics auto insurance installs technology that monitors a driver’s every move, and rewards better driving with lower premiums. Here’s what you need to know about this new insurance trend, which is poised to take over the Ontario market – and why it’s become a big hit with younger drivers.

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Hidden Bank Fees Top Complaint List For Consumers

A recent survey finds hidden bank fees are the biggest consumer pet peeve – and they’re willing to switch banks to avoid them. Here’s what to look for if you’re on the hunt for a new chequing account.

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7 Ways To Save On Video Games

Did you know the average Canadian gamer spends $900 on video games a year? Check out these top frugal gamer tips for keeping those costs down. PLUS, learn details on how you could WIN a PS4!

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What Canadians Needs To Know About A U.S. Government Shutdown

A U.S. government shutdown could commenced Tuesday as congress cannot find agreement on their spending bill. How will this affect Canada’s economy?

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You Answered!

This week, we asked our readers:

What’s the best way for post secondary students to save money?

42.5% say having a dedicated savings plan to avoid interest on student loans is the best way to stay out of a debt hole.

29.9% say it’s important to seek out scholarships and bursaries that may not be commonly known about.

27.6% suggest cutting back on partying and pub nights, as they’re the biggest drain on a student budget.

Want your chance to win? Just answer this week’s question:

How much do you spend on entertainment like video games?

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