Spending Season Savvy

Your guide to navigating spending season.

Forget the sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes – fall is spending season; from back-school to trick-or-treat, it seems there’s a reason each week to go beyond the budget. It takes real consumer savvy to keep autumn costs down – so this week, MoneyWise brings you ways to save in the kitchen, in your wallet, and on your house hunt. Read on for today’s top headlines.

 In Mortgages: The 7-Year Itch: Is Your Condo Built to Last?

Condos are booming in Canada, especially in big urban centres like Toronto. But as developers race against steep demand, are they sacrificing quality? Recent headlines of falling glass and shoddy workmanship have many cautious buyers second guessing their condo purchase.

How can you tell if your new condo will outlast its warranty? Read on for our tips on selecting a solidly-built home.

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In Credit Cards: Costco Credit Card Switch: Are Consumers Missing Out?

Wholesale club retailer Costco changed up its credit card rewards partnerships this year, switching from American Express to MasterCard as the officially accepted card in store. They’ve also discontinued their Costco TrueEarnings credit card and introduced a new partnership with Capital One. Meanwhile, former Costco cardholders are being switched to SimplyCash, Amex’s new cash back option.

Are credit card consumers coming out on top of these changes? Read on for our Costco credit card rewards breakdown.

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In Frugal Living: 5 Creative Ways to Use Thanksgiving Leftovers

The feast is over and the family is out the door – Thanksgiving has come and gone in Canada – and many are left with a fridge full of leftover turkey and trimmings. Those savvy in the kitchen may turn to fail-safe turkey soup recipes – but there are so many other mouthwatering ways to use those leftovers. Read on for Melissa’s top 5 money-saving recipes.

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In Banking: Long-Term GICs: A Good Addition to Your Portfolio

Long-term GICs are a great way to add stability and guaranteed returns to any investment portfolio. Read on to learn more about these investment options.

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In Insurance: Can Insurance Companies Use Your DNA Against You?

There have been major breakthroughs in DNA testing and illness – but could insurance companies use this new genetic info to deny insurance coverage?

Read Gordon’s Blog | Can Insurance Companies Use Your DNA Against You?

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