Spend Less This Holiday Shopping Season with a FREE $100 Gift Card

You could WIN free food and travel this holiday shopping seasonThe holidays are right around the corner – and t’is the season for overspending. It’s no secret that reconnecting with loved ones and enjoying a festive feast are a big drain on the wallet. In fact, according to a study conducted by TD Canada Trust last holiday shopping season, Canadians are spending an average of $1,100 on their holiday travel, food and gifts – with seven out of 10 respondents saying that despite the economic climate, they just can’t get that number down.

The study also found shoppers plan to spend $80 per person on their list! If that’s including extended family and friends, it’s easy to be stuck paying off the holidays all year long – bringing new meaning to Christmas in July!

Spending Goes Beyond Stocking Stuffers

A poll we conducted found these overspending levels to be even worse. According to our own survey, 25.9 per cent of respondents spend between $500 to $1000 on their holiday food and travel – not including presents – and a full 18.5 per cent spend over $1000!

That’s why this holiday, we’re giving back to overextended shoppers everywhere – with a FREE $100 gift card and the chance to WIN $1,100 (the average amount shelled out for holiday festivities).

Get a Free $100 Gift Card

To qualify, simply apply and be approved for one of our two most popular MBNA credit cards – the Smart Cash MasterCard® credit card, and the Platinum Plus® MasterCard® credit card. Once you’ve received approval from MBNA, pay RateSupermarket.ca another visit and choose your FREE $100 gift card from one of our four fab retailers – pick from Boston Pizza, ToysRUs, Amazon.ca or Future Shop.

Choices like these make for great giving options (or you can always keep that gift to yourself – we’re sure you’ve been nice this year)! All applicants will also be automatically entered into our giveaway for their chance to WIN $1,100! Hurry though – the giveaway expires December 15 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Two Great Credit Cards

The two credit cards up for grabs are among RateSupermarket.ca’s most popular MBNA offerings, and are a great choice for any wallet.

The Ultimate Cash Back

Cash back fans will love the Smart Cash MasterCard® credit card, which gifts up to five per cent cash back on all gas and grocery gifts for the first six months (and one per cent on everything else). After the first six months, the card’s rewards are still competitive, offering two per cent cash back on gas and groceries. As you’re sure to be spending plenty on both over the holidays, this a great option to gain a little extra on those expenses.

Switch to Savings With A Low Balance Transfer

If you’re looking for a great low interest option, consider the Platinum Plus® MasterCard® credit card. This card makes paying down a balance a breeze with a 0 per cent balance transfer rate for the first 10 months – that’s right, zilch!  (the annual interest rate goes up to 19.99 per cent after that).

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