Spend Less On Your Electronics

Save money on your electronics with these tipsLet’s face it – we’ve all gone digital. Our lives are filled with tech toys and trinkets, from iPods to flat screen televisions. But technology isn’t cheap – and getting ahold of the latest electronics comes with a price tag that often can break the bank.

The following is a bit of advice on getting your electronic fix cheap.

 Mark it on the Calendar

Some months are better then others to buy electronics – what you’re buying and when also makes a difference. A good way to snap up a sweet deal on the latest MP3 player or a digital camera is to ask the store manager when the new model will be released. Often, the latest models drop in October and November – meaning beforehand companies will slash prices or bundle items with extras (like a free printer or carrying case) to liquidate old stock before the shiny new Christmas products come in.

Boxing day is also a good day for electronics, with big box stores like Best Buy and Future Shop trying to out-do each other with sales and to get rid of tired overstock from the Christmas season.

Big Screen T.V.’s are cheap in February, in preparation for the Super Bowl and air conditioners are a bargain in this month as well in preparation for summer.

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 Buy Online

The Internet marketplace is awash with people selling second hand goods. If you don’t mind your electronics pre-used, there are plenty bargains to be had on craigslist, tigerdirect, and kijiji. But be tenacious! Some individuals selling electronics online are out to scam you.

If you are meeting up to buy, ask to see the product first and thoroughly check it over before making a decision. If the price seems to good to be true – it may be a scam.

 Do Your Research

Sometimes the newest gadgets aren’t the best. Peruse online reviews of products in order to get a feel for what generation might be the best for you. The previous generation of an electronic will certainly be cheaper even if it looks a bit different then the newer model.

Keep in mind that refurbished doesn’t necessarily mean used. Refurbished goods are often products that have been sent back to the manufacturer for a cosmetic reason – perhaps the label is on backwards or the stand is tilted. They may even come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Which brings to light another point – check the warranty. Some used products come with warranties, a little extra insurance that you might get full use out of that electronic.

Electronics don’t have to break the ban, there’s a deal out there – you just need to find it.

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