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tips for small business owners
Have you considered trading the nine to five slog for your own business venture? You’re in good company – small business owners are the lifeblood of the Canadian economy! As unemployment continues to be a national issue, more people are foregoing the job market altogether and going into business for themselves.While it can be brilliant to be your own boss, kick starting a business is not for the faint of heart. Check out our guide for new entrepreneurs.

The Big Economic Impact of Small Business

When it comes to our nation’s economy, small business plays a huge role. It’s the brainpower of our nation’s entrepreneurs that drives innovation and growth in Canada – not to mention those domestic dollars.

Here we look at some of the ups and downs of being a small business owner, and some tips on how to be a better one.

3 Tips For Baby Boomer Business Owners

If decades in the workforce has left you wishing you were your own boss, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular in Canada – especially with the baby boomer crowd!Whether you’re looking to supplement your retirement savings, boost your income, or just looking for an exciting new venture, we have tips for launching a business later in life.Read Diane’s Blog | 3 Tips For Baby Boomer Business Owners

Your Small Business Retirement Strategies

Many entrepreneurs rely on the sale of their small business to fund their retirement – but a recent TD poll shows this may be a risky move.

Earmarking funds for retirement can be tough when you’re the big boss – check out these strategies for saving while simultaneously investing in your business.

Read Melanie’s Blog | Your Small Business Retirement Strategies


Understanding the Cyprus Economic Crisis

Cyprus is the latest EU nation to experience a bailout crisis, and controversial measures have been put in place to save its economy. How will the financial fate of this tiny island nation affect Canadians and economies worldwide?Read Rubina’s  Blog  | Cyprus Economic Crisis 

Don’t Be Afraid To File Taxes Online

Many taxpayers hesitate to file their own taxes online, preferring to hand them over to an accountant instead. Today’s tax programs, however, can make filing a breeze, saving you time and potentially money!Read Sean’s Blog  | Don’t Be Afraid To File Taxes Online

Essay Contest Home Could Come With Hidden Fees

You may have heard of the Ontario couple looking to sell their home as the prize of an essay contest. While it’s a refreshing take on the housing market, could there be hidden costs for the winner?Read Andrew’s Blog | Essay Contest Home Hidden Fees

Credit Card Review: Marriott Rewards Premier Visa

The Marriott Rewards Premier Visa credit card is a great option for frequent international business travelers. Not only are all foreign exchange fees waived on this card, but it comes with 30,000 bonus points – enough for 5 free stays in Marriott hotels!Read Penelope’s Blog | Marriott Rewards Premier Visa

6 Canadian Banks Too Big To Fail

OSFI, the national bank regulator, has deemed six of Canada’s largest lenders as “too big to fail”. What does this mean for banking consumers – and what measures are being put in place to protect our banks in case of another national recession?Read Penelope’s Blog | 6 Canadian Banks Too Big To Fail

My Identity Was Stolen: A Fraud Victim’s Story

Anyone can be a fraud victim. Check out this Q&A for a first hand account of living with identity theft.Read Penelope’s Blog | My Identity Was Stolen

Mortgage Amortization: Long or Short?

Choosing your mortgage amortization is an important decision – a long amortization provides security and time to save, while a short one will have you debt-free faster.Read Sean’s Blog | Mortgage Amortization: Long or Short

Canada Budget 2013: A Focus on Jobs and Growth

Canada Budget 2013 brings a new focus to creating skilled employment and stimulating the economy. Let’s take a look at how Finance Minister Jim Flaherty plans to spend tax dollars over the next year.Read Rubina’s  Blog | Canada Budget 2013

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