Show Your Bank Account Some Love This Valentines Day!

Spend less on Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! We’re celebrating with the recent edition of’s Cost of Love study – an eye opening look at expenses associated with romance. Call us buzzkills – but with 22 per cent of marriages ending in divorce, being on the same spending page can go a long way between lovers.

This week also marks the release of the 2014 Conservative budget, chock full of issues affecting Canadians. It’s clear the government has its heart set on achieving a surplus… read on for our coverage of the top points.

Falling In Love? They’ll Be $45,151.88

The Beatles may have crooned “you can’t buy me love”… but our recent Cost of Love study findings may have you breaking up with your wallet. From first date to wedding day, Canadians can expect to pay a whopping $45,151.88! Read on for ways to save on these costs with your sweetie.

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2014 Conservative Budget Highlights You Should Know About

This Tuesday, the Conservative government released the 2014 edition of their federal budget – and there are a few points Canadians should be close attention to. First, it appears prior promises of income splitting tax measures may be reeled in, and government departments can expect more cuts as the conservatives strive to balance the budget.

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Prepare To Pay More For Your Winter Vacay This Year

Had enough of this persistent polar vortex? There’s some unfortunate news for beach-bound Canadians – the price of travel has risen this season due to the sliding Canadian dollar and new currency surcharges imposed by airlines. But not to fear – we have a few effective ways to cut your travel costs.

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Don’t forget this week’s hot finance headlines!

Canadian Debt Levels Are Higher Than Ever… But We’re Not Worried

Canadian debt levels have reached a new high, according to an Equifax study – but consumers say they’re confident in their ability to pay if off. Are we living with a false sense of credit security?

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Why Your Disability Coverage May Not Be Enough

You may have group disability coverage through your employer – but it’s often not enough to cover disability costs. Here’s what you should know about your individual disability coverage options.

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Do You Know How Much Poor Credit Really Costs You?

Are you paying more for interest and loans due to poor credit? Read on to learn more about how poor credit affects your rates, and how to improve yours.

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Book Review: Moolala Guide To Rockin’ Your RRSP

Just in time for tax season, Bruce Sellery’s book Moolala Guide to Rockin’ Your RRSP provides great insight to taking control of your retirement savings.

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Whatever Your Do… DON’T Open This CRA Phishing Scam!

As tax season kicks off, consumers should watch out for phishing emails posing as official CRA communication.

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The Softer Side Of The Housing Market?

The Q1 outlook from CMHC calls for a soft housing market in 2014 compared to years past. Let’s break down the trends affecting affordability.

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