Serve Up Thanksgiving Savings!

Serve Up Thanksgiving Savings

Autumn is in full swing, and with it, the Thanksgiving long weekend. For many Canadians, this kicks off one of the most expensive times of year, as holiday consumerism kicks into high gear. But you don’t need to rely on your credit card to be festive – we’ve got a few juicy tips for carving out some savings this season, from spending less on a turkey, to taking advantage of record low mortgage rates.

Read on for the full story – and have a wonderful holiday long weekend!

How to Cook a Turkey for Under $10

Are you hosting the family for dinner this Thanksgiving? Cooking up the big bird and all the fixings can be a pricey ordeal – but we have a few seasoned tips and tricks for keeping your cooking costs down.

Read on for Melissa’s fail-proof turkey shopping guide and mouth-watering recipe.

Read Melissa’s Blog | How to Cook a Turkey for Under $10

Nothing Spooky in Store for October Mortgage Rates

Our expert Mortgage Rate Outlook Panel has released their forecast for the coming month – and there’s nothing to fear for mortgage borrowers. Recent economic events in the U.S. won’t have any significant impact on both fixed and variable mortgage rates, and home buyers will continue to enjoy discounted rates through the rest of the month.

Read on for the full panel forecast.

Read Penelope’s Blog: Nothing Spooky in Store for October Mortgage Rates

Denied Travel Insurance Claim: What Should I Do?

It’s a worst-case scenario – that dream beach vacation took a turn for the worst when you became ill or injured and required medical care out of country. Now, on home soil the nightmare continues as your travel insurer refuses to pay out your claim. What can you do?

Mistakes and misunderstandings occur all the time when claiming travel policies – here’s how to not make a costly mistake on your claim, and how to fight back if your coverage is denied.

Read Gordon’s Blog: Denied Travel Insurance Claim

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble: Canada’s Housing Market is Fine

Canada’s so-called housing market bubble has become the topic du jour once again in finance news – but MoneyWise writer Rubina doesn’t think conditions are as alarming as they’re made out to be. Read on for her argument on why Canada’s housing market is right where it should be.

Read Rubina’s Blog | Sorry to Burst Your Bubble

Book Review: Travel Hacking for Canadians by Stephen Zussino

Looking to save some serious cash on your next vacation? Before you hit the airport, be sure to check out Travel Hacking for Canadians, the latest frugal living guide from founder Stephen Zussino. Read on for our full review of the book.

Read Sean’s Blog | Book Review: Travel Hacking for Canadians

Mobile Payment Apps You’ll Actually Want to Use

The latest slew of mobile payment apps just might be enough to convince Canadians to leave their physical wallets at home. Hot on the heels of Apple Pay, here are 5 options that make shopping a chic and secure experience, from resident finance tech expert Justin Kozuch.

Read Justin’s Blog: Mobile Payment Apps You’ll Actually Want to Use

Touch ID and Voice Banking Now Available in Canada

Tangerine is the first Canadian bank to reveal a Touch ID and Voice Banking app, designed to add an extra layer of security to mobile banking. Will these new security measures make online banking even more secure? Read on for the details.

Read Andrew’s Blog: Touch ID and Voice Banking Now Available in Canada

This Week’s #RSMWIN!

This week, we asked our Twitter followers:

Do you think central interest rates will rise next year?

52%: NO

48%: YES

Looks like our readers are on the fence as to when the cost of borrowing will go up.

Want to be prepared for potentially higher rates in the future? Get set up with a high interest savings account>

Want your chance to WIN a $25 gift card? Answer this week’s #RSMWIN Q:

Will you rely on credit to afford the holiday season?

Answer this week's #RSMWIN.

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