How to Score Summer Cash

Summer Cash

Summer can be a tough season on the wallet. Whether you’ve shelled out for a family road trip, or are a student scraping together school funds, it’s a challenge to balance fun in the sun with prudent financial practices.

This week, we’ve looked at ways Canadians can cash in, whether from school grants, the new UCCB, or with their mortgage.

Is a Canadian Recession a Reality?

The economic data may paint a bleak picture, but it seems the Bank of Canada and Department of Finance are hesitant to say the “R word”. Since last week’s rate cut, economists and consumers are left wondering – has Canada officially entered a recession, and what does the economic future hold?

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5 Tips for Students Trying to Afford University

Ah, summer “vacation” – a frantic 16-week work period for post-secondary students looking to pad their bank accounts before the school year. Students know it’s a challenge to make funds last through the coming semesters. Here, a current student shares his tips for scoring extra cash now, and throughout the year.

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UCCB Payments: What You Need to Know

They’re calling it “Christmas in July” – this week, Canadian families with kids under 17 received a cash infusion as the government issues retroactive payments for the Universal Child Care Benefit. The payments – $160 per month for each kid under 6, or $60 for those under 17 – are touted as an answer to high childcare costs, but they could cost you more than expected at tax time. Get the full story.

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Buying a Former Grow-Op? Forget the Mortgage

Thinking of buying a former grow-op? Such properties can be steeply discounted, even in Canada’s hottest markets – but insurers and mortgage lenders may refuse to back your home purchase.

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Which Mortgage Features Are Right For You?

There are many mortgage features to choose from when buying a home. From term length to prepayment privileges, find out what’s right for you.

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This week, we asked our Twitter followers:

Do you think there will be a Canadian recession?

30%: No

70: Yes

Want in on the winning action? Here’s this week’s Q:

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