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savings tips for your march break vacation

March 8, 2013

If you’re like most snow-bound Canadians, you’ve had enough of these sub-zero temps – and jet setting to sunnier skies is a tempting thought indeed.

Problem is, that much-needed beach destination doesn’t come cheap. Hotels, airfare and spending money can easily put a freeze on any budget – but our frugal flying tips are sure to help!

Book Your March Break Vacation For Less

Looking to take off for sunnier skies? Taking a vacation – especially with kids in tow – can get expensive fast.

Read on for tips and tricks to booking your trip at a discount – and keep more in your savings account back home.

Travel Insurance: Yes, You Really Need It

Travel insurance is a common airfare add-on – but it is optional. It may seem tempting to pass up coverage for the sake of your budget, but falling ill or being injured outside of your home country can cause your wallet a world of hurt.Learn more about why travel insurance is a must – and how some travel credit cards can also keep you covered.

How to Get a Vacation Refund

 There’s nothing worse than taking off for a well-deserved vacation, only to find that your reservations aren’t up to snuff – or worse yet, non-existent! If you’ve fallen victim to a nightmare vacation, there are steps you can take to recoup your losses.
Read Melanie’s Blog | How To Get a Vacation Refund
And in this week’s breaking finance news…

Fraud Prevention Month: How To Protect Your Finances

March is fraud prevention month, and a great time to assess the safety of your finances. Check out our tips for staying extra vigilant.
Read Rubina’s Blog | Fraud Prevention Month

Bank of Canada: Expect 1% Rate To Stick Around

 The Bank of Canada announced today that the Overnight Lending Rate would remain at 1%, once again – and that an increase isn’t expected any time soon.

Oversharing Millennials More At Risk For Identity Theft

 Sharing isn’t always caring! A new VISA study finds that Generation Y’s are at increased risk for identity theft due to the oversharing of their vital financial information with their friends – including their credit card and debit pin numbers.

Is A Bank of Canada Rate Cut Possible?

Is a Bank of Canada rate cut possible? Following dismal data from StatsCan, some experts believe it rates could dip even below the current one per cent.
Read Penelope’s Blog | Is a Bank of Canada Rate Cut Possible?

BMO’s 2.99% 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Is Back

BMO’s ultra hot 2.99% 5 year fixed mortgage rate is back! Available for high ratio mortgages, and featuring full service payment options, it looks to be a great deal – but is it in your best interest to lock in low when interest rates may rise?

Read Penelope’s Blog | BMO’s 2.99% 5 Year Fixed Mortgage

Canadian Economic Growth Slower Than Expected

New numbers from Statistics Canada show that Canadian economic growth is slower than expected, reaching lows that have not been witnessed since the 2008 recession.

Read Penelope’s Blog | Canadian Economic Growth Slower Than Expected

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What travel reward credit card features are most important to you?

40.7%: The majority of of poll takers love scoring a great deal for less, saying they favour cards that give them the ability to cash in rewards for hotel and airfare discounts.

34.9% say insurance features such as trip cancellation or lost baggage coverage are of high importance.

19.8% prefer built-in travel medical insurance.

4.7% said that perks such as concierge service or airport lounge access mattered most.

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