A Rosier Growth Outlook

A better growth outlook is predicted for 2014.

The first economic reports of the new year have been released, and they paint a decidedly brighter picture of Canadian and global economic growth. Could the limbo Canada has endured finally rise this year, with inflation (and rates) following suit?

T’is also the season for tax planning – read on for our handy guides to scoring government benefits, keeping your tax cash upfront (why wait for a refund?!), plus this week’s top finance headlines.

Canada Has A Low Loonie – But That’s Good News!

Canada’s currency is at a four-year low – one Canadian dollar is now equal to 91 cents USD! While this means higher prices for cross-border shoppers and travellers, a weaker Loonie is actually good news for our nation’s economy, as the export industry finally has a fighting chance.

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TFSAs Turn 5, But Canadians Still Stumped

The Tax Free Savings Account, a handy savings and investment vehicle introduced by the government, turns five this year – but many would-be savers are unclear on how to use one.

A recent Bank of Montreal Survey finds the account’s contribution limits and investing options are still very much a grey area for consumers. Read on for our breakdown on saving with your TFSA, and investing your money further with its tax-free features.

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Are You Missing Out On Your Government Benefits?

The Federal government issues about 300 million benefit payments each year – should you be receiving one of them? Many Canadians are entitled to cash from the government, but aren’t aware of it – and they’re missing out big time. Here’s a list of benefits you may be eligible for, and how to apply for them.

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And in the latest finance headlines: 

Auto Insurance Rates Down 4.66% In Ontario

Auto insurance rates have dropped by 4.66% in Ontario as a result of the Cost and Rate Reduction Strategy. Here’s what that means for drivers.

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Why Wait Until Spring For Your Tax Refund?

Hoping to get a big tax refund this spring? Reducing tax deductions at the source will keep your cash in your pocket from the start.

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Canadian Investor Confidence Is Still Low

The latest Manulife Investor Confidence Index finds Canadians are still wary about their investing options, and haven’t yet recovered from the 2008 economic crisis.

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3 Student Money Mistakes To Fix In 2nd Semester

Did you make one of these classic student money mistakes last semester? Here are a few ways to stretch student funds before summer vacation.

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