Rising Temps, Rising Costs


The season may not have officially “sprung” (we’ve yet to see any crocuses cropping up – yet), but winter-weary Canadians are already embracing a fresh frame of mind. This week, we’re all about starting spring on a fresh foot, financially – and that means it’s time to organize your paperwork, file your taxes and create a warm-weather budget.

What If The CRA Makes a Mistake on Your Taxes?

Sure, we’re only human – sometimes mistakes happen on our taxes! But what if the error isn’t on your part, but of the Canada Revenue Agency’s?

While rare, these slip ups can happen. Here’s what you need to know about your options should something be amiss.

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Spring Clean These 3 Areas For Savings

Spring cleaning is a great way to start the season on a more organized foot – and it can also save you a buck or two!

From purging your closet of old garments for consignment to tuning up your personal finances,  check out these 3 areas to focus your organizational efforts on.

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Get Ready For Higher Natural Gas Prices

The long, harsh winter may finally be easing, but the temperature isn’t the only thing rising – natural gas prices are expected to jump in the coming months, as Canada’s reserves are depleted, and uncertainty looms over the supply of energy from Russia to Ukraine. If you’re dreading a hike to your bill, here’s what you can do to counter the rising costs.

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4 Things You Should Know About Estate Protection

Did you know that the inheritance to be passed down from the Baby Boomers will be more than $1 trillion? That’s a LOT of dough – but in order to ensure loved ones are cared for, it’s important to properly protect your estate. Here are 4 things you should keep in mind when creating your estate protection plan.

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65% Of Banking Customers Want Better No-Fee Options

What grinds the gears for Canadian banking customers? Paying hidden fees for accessing, transferring o savings their money top the list. A recent PC Financial study finds 65% of Canadians wish their bank offered better no-fee alternatives and transparency.

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#RSMWIN Results

This week, we asked our Twitterverse:

RU---Accountant-PollWant your chance to score a $25 gift card? Answer this week’s question on Twitter at @RateSupermarket, with #RSMWIN:

Do you plan to renovate your home this summer?

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Big Ticket Texter: A BC man racks up 26 tickets and $30,000 in charges due to his ongoing distracted driving. Phones, down or face the fines, people! Via Huffington Post

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