Is It The Right Time to Buy a Home?

Right Time to Buy

We’ve entered the busiest time of the year to buy a home – sales listings are popping up like daisies, and prospective buyers pack Saturday open houses. It seems everyone is on the house hunt these days – and record low mortgage rates stoke the demand even higher. But is it the right time for you to enter the market?

This week, we’re looking at your home buying options. Read on for the full story.

The Lowest 5-Year Fixed Rate Ever – 2.44%

The snow may be sticking around, but this spring buying season is set to be one of the hottest yet – this week, a new historical low ever was set for five-year fixed mortgage rates at 2.44%. What could you save with this rate? And how does your bank stack up? Read on for our breakdown.

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NEW: Your Ultimate First Time Home Buyer’s Guide

Thinking about buying your first home? Feeling a bit… overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Taking the plunge into property ownership can be a complex process. Not to fear – our ultimate First Time Home Buyer’s Guide has you covered, from mortgage basics to moving day. Read on, intrepid home buyer!

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Rental Housing Booms As Home Prices Keep Rising

Rising housing prices are causing more would-be buyers to put off their home purchasing plans – and as a result, the demand for rental options is growing. But we’re not talking about your typical high rise – developers are realizing that there’s value in catering to millennials’ exacting demands for luxury and lifestyle. Read on to see how booming rentals may impact your regional market.

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In Economic News: Will Greece Run Out of Cash?

More drama is unfolding in the Eurozone. Will Greece run out of cash as it nears the April debt deadline? What what will be the impact on global and domestic bond investors?

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In Personal Finance: 4 Myths Busted: Are Contactless Debit Payments Safe?

While increasing in availability by Canada’s banks and retailers, many shoppers are still wary of contactless debit payments. Here Barry Choi of busts the top 4 myths surrounding this payment tech.

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