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how to renovate your home for less

August 16, 2013

Your home is likely the largest investment made within your lifetime – and it’s a great idea to boost your return on that investment with a few improvements here and there.

Home renovations, whether made by a pro or through the do-it-yourself method, are a fantastic way to freshen up your living space and prep your home for future buyers – but beware makeovers that turn into money pits!

Top Home Renovations That Add Value

The age old adage “you have to spend money to make money” perhaps rings truest when it comes to home renovations. Updating your kitchen, landscaping and other home assets can up your property value and make your home more desirable to potential buyers – but don’t go nuts with the hammer just yet.

Read on for our list of top money-making renos to invest in – and which will just knock a hole in your wallet.

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How To Flip A House – The Smart Way

We all know a handy do-it-yourselfer – someone who has successfully given their home a facelift and increased its value to boot.

From an outside perspective, flipping a house looks like a fun and creative undertaking – but when flips go wrong, there’s money to be lost. If you’re thinking of taking on a fixer-upper, here are a few common pitfalls to avoid.

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7 Real Lessons From Home Renovation Reality TV

Despite the “reality” moniker, you should still take your small screen entertainment with a grain of salt – especially the renovation magic made by house flipping pros. After all, it takes a whole lot longer than the allotted 30 minutes to buy or renovate a home.

Sometimes, though, it’s worth looking past the loose take on reality – there are lessons to be learned from TV pros. Read on for some real renovation lessons.

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And in the latest personal finance headlines this week…

 Your Best Options For Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Two credit card giants are battling for the right to carry Aeroplan rewards miles – but it’s current cardholders who are left waiting in the wings. Read on to learn more about travel rewards credit card options.

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Summer Travel Study Saves Consumers a Hot $100 On Gas

Looking to lower your gas costs? Whether you’re planning a late summer cross country trip, or trying to minimize your everyday commuting costs,’s Cost Of Gas study is full of tips for saving a hot $100 on transportation.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How To Cut Your Gas Bill By $100

Summer is peak season for driving in Canada – and that means higher prices at the pump! Our Save $100 on Gas, the latest edition to the Cost Of Series, can help you save a hot $100 on your gas costs. Read on for our on-the-road money management tips!

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Recent Mortgage Market Changes To Push Rates Even Higher

Recent mortgage market changes could lead to higher mortgage rates, according to’s expert panel.

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Kids Give Parents A B On Financial Literacy: ING

With school starting up just around the corner, it’s a great time to focus on financial literacy with your kids – but a recent ING study shows more families could be hitting the books. Read on for a handy breakdown of age-appropriate finance lessons, and give your kids a head start in personal finance smarts.

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Canadian Tire Bank Branch To Expand With New Partner

The Canadian Tire bank branch is set to expand as the retailer giant searches for a new lending partner. Will this have any affect on current banking consumers?

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Minimum Wage Increase: Good For The Economy But Bad For Business?

Talk of a minimum wage increase in Ontario has sparked a debate. While an increase in income and purchasing power is beneficial to workers and the economy, businesses warn of impending job cuts and fewer hours to cover costs.

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You Answered!

This week, we asked our Money Wise readers:

What mortgage jargon do you find the most confusing to understand?

42.9% say that understanding the difference between a high-ratio and low-ratio mortgage is most confusing when navigating the home ownership process.

31.8% are stumped on the difference between a fixed rate and variable rate mortgage, while 9.5% aren’t sure how external rates such as the Bank or Prime rate can affect their overall mortgage affordability.

As well, 7.9% aren’t sure how quick closes work, 6.4% are puzzled by preapprovals, and 1.6% want to know more about how prepayment options, such as lump sums, work.

Want in on this week’s winning action? Answer our next poll question:

Other than tuition, what is the biggest cost facing post secondary students?

A huge thanks to our fabulous readers for tuning in this week – and remember, I love to hear from you! Send along a comment, or visit us on Twitter and Facebook!

Until next time – P

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