RateSupermarket.ca Now Comparing Scotiabank Credit Cards

Shopping for the best credit card just got a whole lot easier with the new RateSupermarket.ca credit card comparison engine. Following feedback from our fantastic visitors, we recently relaunched our Credit Card Comparison Tool to allow customers to easily select their preferred card options while the results automatically filter.

Whether you’re looking for travel rewards, cash back, a low interest rate, or no annual fees (or any of those in combination), now you can quickly find the perfect card for you.

We’ve also created something called the Reward Return Rate since let’s face it not all rewards are created equal (what’s the true value of a point or a mile anyway?). The Reward Return Rate calculates the true rate of return so that you can compare like for like.

And if that wasn’t enough we also added 7 Scotiabank credit cards to our search engine. If you’re a satisfied Scotiabank customer here’s a quick way to compare the card options offered by your bank.

So if you’re walking around with a credit card in your wallet from years ago, maybe it’s time to reassess your credit needs. Credit card features have changed so much recently, why not start to take advantage of the new offers?

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