Rake In The Savings!

Rake in the Savings

In the blink of an eye, October has arrived – and with it, the start of holiday spending season. But before shelling out for a turkey and prepping for winter presents, why not take the time to get set up for savings?

Today’s mega low interest rates may take a bite out of the most diligent saver’s returns, but some banks have amped up their accounts. Read on for our tips!

INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Easy Steps to Save Over $100,000 on Your Mortgage

Your mortgage is likely the largest financial commitment you’ll ever make… but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more than you need to. By making a few tweaks to your payment schedule, you can effectively shave thousands off your total mortgage costs.

Want to know how? Check out our infographic!

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Credit Card Review: SimplyCash Card from American Express

American Express has introduced a competitive new player to the cash back rewards market with their SimplyCash Card. Available in both a fee and non-fee version, this card packs a fantastic intro earning rate and includes features usually reserved for plushier travel options. But is it a good fit for your shopping habits?

Read on for our full review of the SimplyCash’s features, earnings and fee structure.

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Prep Your Savings for Higher Interest Rates

Are you set up for high interest savings? As economists call for a rate increase over the next year, savings consumers could see a bump in their returns. Here’s what you should do now to avoid high-rate fallout – and even benefit from a central rate increase.

Plus, don’t miss our pick for high interest savings accounts inside!

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The World is Drowning in Debt: Geneva Report

The Geneva Report, a leading authority on global economics, was released this week with a dire warning – the world must slow down on borrowing, or face a new financial crisis. Read on to see how Canadian consumers could be affected.

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Book Review: Findependence Day by Jonathan Chevreau

Findependence Day Book Review: Jonathan Chevreau – A merge of fiction and personal finance drives home money lessons – without it being a math lesson.

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Why Travel Insurance Claims Are Denied

It’s a worst case scenario – you are injured or fall ill on your vacation, only to have your travel insurance coverage deny your health claim. Travel insurance claim denials happen after the fact – and are usually due to mistakes made during the application process. Here’s are the top errors to avoid when getting your travel insurance.

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This Week’s #RSMWIN!

On for a 2nd week!

Want your chance to WIN a $25 gift card? Answer this week’s #RSMWIN Q:

Do you think central interest rates will rise next year?

Tweet your answer to @RateSupermarket with #RSMWin to enter for a $25 gift card!

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