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Do you need more insurance coverage?

Do you have enough insurance? Most Canadians would like to think so – but in our recent social media poll, only 34.8% of respondents were confident with their coverage. Life insurance is like an airbag – you really hope you won’t ever have to use it other than to provide peace of mind to your loved ones. But unplanned disability or illness can derail even the best laid plans.

This week. we’ve answered some of your most pressing insurance questions. Read on for the full story.

What Should You Do When Your Insurer is Acquired?

A proposed $4-billion deal for insurance giant Manulife Financial to acquire competitor Standard Life would help the insurer expand its core business and grab a larger share of the Quebec market. But what would an acquisition mean for Standard Life insurance customers? Will they see their coverage change, and options decrease?

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What Are Insurance Riders? Do You Need Them?

Disability and critical insurance can seem complicated – not only must you choose the right level of coverage, but you also have the option of adding an insurance rider to your policy; as with home insurance, many life insurance policies come with riders. But what exactly is an insurance rider, and how do they work? And what should policy holders be aware of when adding one to their coverage?

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Should You Have Earthquake Insurance?

If an earthquake happens tomorrow (knock on wood) and your house is damaged by the shaking and quaking, who do you think covers the cost of the damage? Turns out, it’s the homeowner – but most people aren’t aware of this hidden cost. Should you have earthquake coverage? Read on to find out.

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How to Stop Living Paycheque to Paycheque: 7 Steps

Living paycheque to paycheque isn’t the best way to manage your finances – but plenty of Canadians are doing it, according to a recent survey from the Canadian Payroll Association. How can you break the vicious cycle? Read on for 7 steps to sneak saving into your spending habits.

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What is a Credit Union?

What is a credit union, and how does it differ from a traditional bank? Should you use the services of a credit union for your mortgage, savings or investing? Read on to learn more about credit unions vs banks.

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ECB Surprise Rate Cut: How Will it Affect Canada?

In an unexpected move, the European Central Bank (ECB) has cut its central Overnight Lending Rate to a historically low 0.05 per cent, and have announced new economic stimulus measures to come. How will this affect Canada, especially as CETA and trade come into play?

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