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How to get fit without spending hundreds of dollarsNovember 16, 2012

Getting into shape is a common goal for many Canadians – one that can be extremely expensive. Pricey personal training and the latest high tech shoes will have you losing more dollars than pounds – not to mention that infomercial-inspired equipment purchase gathering dust in your basement.

If you’re looking to make great lifestyle choices without going bust, check out our tips for training on the cheap. Feel that budget burn!

Set Up a Home Gym for Less

There’s no reason you can’t get fit from the comfort of your own home. With a few pieces of equipment (think a dumbbell or two), you can set up your ultimate workout circuit.

Check out our tips for finding top-notch workout equipment for less than premium prices.

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Tips to Save on the Cost of Running

There’s nothing more freeing than taking to the running trail. Hitting the pavement is an effective way to reach your fitness goals – and it comes free of sign up costs and gym fees!

Before you lace up and pursue those fitness goals on foot, ensure you invest in the proper gear. Not only will it improve your running experience, but will also help protect you from injury.

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How to Quit Smoking and Save Money

If you’re a smoker, chances are you’re acutely aware of your habit’s effect on your wallet – and your health. There’s a lot to be saved by kicking cigarettes to the curb – but that’s easier said than done.

If you’re considering quitting, check out our calculations to see how much money you’d save – not to mention what you’ll gain in health.

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And in this week’s news headlines…

U.S. Fiscal Cliff Needs More Than a Bandaid Solution

The decisions made on the U.S. Fiscal Cliff will affect economies all over the world. Fast action is needed to minimize the financial impact – and solutions that may have worked for the European debt crisis just won’t cut it for the world’s largest economy.

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Using Credit Cards for Holiday Spending

Canadians may be surprised to see how much their holiday spending can add up on their credit card bills – and it’s not just on gifts. RateSupermarket.ca is looking to offset these holiday costs with the chance to win $1,100 cash, and a free $100 gift card.

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Canadian Saving and Spending Habits are Changing

Canadian families are finding it increasingly difficult to save for the future in a post-recession economy. As global economic uncertainty continues, and consequences of the U.S. fiscal cliff are on the horizon, Canadians are changing their spending habits, and developing a new approach to saving.

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How to Find Holiday Travel Deals

If you’re hitting the road to connect with family and friends this holiday, you’re likely looking for a good discount. Check out our tips for finding a great travel deal and save this season.

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Prep for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Attention shoppers! Major shopping holidays Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching! Check out our ultimate shopping strategy tips to get the biggest savings. Fire up those shopping carts – and keep checking back as we add more deals!

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Pay Down Debt with Low Interest Credit Cards

Is your credit card costing you more than it should? You could be paying thousands of dollars more in interest – simply because you’re using a card with the wrong features. Check out the best low interest cards on the market and see how they can help you pay down your debt.

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You Answered!

This week's poll

This week on Money Wise we asked Canadians:

What would you spend to increase your fitness level?

45.8% say they’d rather take the DIY approach to fitness, with free activities or low-startup cost sports such as running.

25% say they’d shell out a few hundred for a personal trainer or gym membership.

20.8% say that fitness isn’t an expense that takes priority.

8.3% of respondents say they’d make a one-time large investment for a piece of home fitness equipment.

Check out next week’s poll for your chance to WIN a $25 Tim Horton’s gift card:

Will you participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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