Protecting Your Purchasing Power

Protecting Your Puchasing Power

The economy continues to experience the effects of low oil prices and a dropping dollar. It’s only a matter of time before these changes are felt in your pocketbook. What will it mean for shoppers, travellers and savers should these conditions linger long term?

Read on to see how you could be affected.

How Low Can the Dollar Go?

The combined forces of lower oil prices and a recovering U.S. economy have dragged the Loonie to new depths, dropping below the 80 cent threshold. Could our currency fall even further – and what will it mean for consumers?

From electronics to food prices, read on for what’s in store for consumer prices.

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Income Splitting to Stay

During the 2011 election, the Conservatives promised to introduce the Family Tax Cut should a balance budget be achieved. Now, despite oil’s massive hit to our nation’s coffers, the Tories are still intent to roll out the tax measure.

Will this be good or bad for taxpayers – and what about other promises made, like upping the limit for TFSAs?

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4 Tips: Setting Up an RSP in Your 20’s

The earlier you begin saving for retirement, the better – but it can be a real challenge for those still paying off student debt, and struggling to buy their first home. Retirement seems a world away when you’re in your 20s – and the process of setting up and RRSP can seem outright daunting. One millenial shares her story of getting started.

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Savings Spotlight: Try Not To Raid Your RRSPs

Thinking of pulling money out of your RRSPs prematurely? It could cost you a lot more than you think – both in the short term, and to your retirement plan.

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4 Best Mortgage Apps for Home Buyers

Looking for the best mortgage apps? From pre-qualification to paying your deposit, these apps will make the home buying process much smoother.

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