Planning a Trip or Cruise? Best Travel Tips for More Money

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Want to save money on your cruise? Want to know how to save big on your next vacation? If you’re spending cash-only for your cruise, hotel and rental car, you might be missing out. There are lots of travel tips and cash reward perks you can take advantage of to stretch your dollars further.

From free nights at your hotel to $400 cash back rewards, here are a few of the best travel tips to maximize your savings.

Have a Strategy and Compare Rewards Credit Cards

Not every credit card is created equal. If you’re planning a trip, you want cards with the best offers. Use the link to compare travel rewards cards. You can shop by airline miles, hotel nights or cash back rewards.

Use Flexible Travel Dates to Secure Hotel Discounts

When you book your hotel, plan at least 30-days in advance to get the best deals. Keep in mind, prices are higher around the holidays, but booking rooms a few weeks before or after can save you money.

Here are a few other tips:

  • When looking up hotels, use flexible dates. A hotel might state they’re sold out for one-night. Select the “My Dates are Flexible” You might find the date is available if you book two nights together.
  • Price your hotel a few days before and after your anticipated travel dates. You might find a discount. For example, if you want to travel September nine-12, try September eight-12, September nine-13, and so forth.
  • You might find bigger hotel discounts midweek.

Book Cruises One-Year, Three-Months or 10-Days in Advance

Cruises can provide an exciting time at sea. With specific times to book your trip, here are a few ideas.

A Year in Advance

Booking a year in advance gives you access to cabins you want. And, you can review comments from other travellers. Ask a seasoned travel agent when cruise specials will become available.

Specials might include:

  • A spa package up to a certain dollar amount.
  • Specialty dining for two at a restaurant onboard.
  • A free or discounted excursion.
  • Gratuities included in the trip.

Three-Months in Advance

Passengers that put down deposits have to make their final payments three-months before sailing. Those that don’t forfeit their bookings and these rooms will become available.

10-Days in Advance

10-days prior to sailing is ideal for people that live near a cruise port. It’s also useful if you’re currently on a cruise and want to extend your stay.

Tip: For discounted cruises, shop for trips around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most people don’t travel on cruises during this time. If flights are higher, use points!

Book Flights During Prime Booking Windows

Prime windows for flights are typically 21-105 days before their departure. Because flights will fluctuate, set up flight alerts with your email.

Booking more than 105-days out and you’ll pay on average $20-$50 more. Under 21-days and you might pay an extra $150.

Final Thoughts

Finding travel discounts is exciting especially when you save money for your trip. Shop for the best travel rewards cards based on the type of trip you’re taking. And, then go pack! For help with credit cards or if you have questions, contact

With, you can compare the best travel rewards credit cards Canada has to offer. With cash back rewards and competitive rates, start planning that cruise or vacation package now. Find the best travel rewards credit card today!

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